Unlock hidden savings and efficiencies by consolidating your freight

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Do you often send multiple less than truckload (LTL) shipments to the same region with only a few miles between their final destinations? Or has your freight been forced to wait for extended periods of time, waiting for enough LTL shipments to make a full truckload? These types of scenarios can cost you money and opportunities—but they don't have to. You can dramatically lower costs and boost your efficiency when you consolidate your shipments. Wherever you do business in North America, rely on a vast network and significant volumes to explore all your freight consolidation options. Through aggregation of customer shipments and the equipment of contract carriers, you receive unlimited consolidation options for your freight.

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Add consolidation to your supply chain strategy:

  • Consider flexible consolidation options for all types of freight, including mode conversions, crossdocking, and cross-customer consolidation.
  • Utilize consolidation centers in strategic locations throughout North America, including ports.
  • Find lower rates, improved services, shorter transit times, and less handling of your freight with pooled freight volumes.
  • Achieve global visibility and tracking for your consolidated C.H. Robinson shipments, even on loads that move between contract carriers and services.
  • Build better consolidated shipments with advanced order management technology with Navisphere® online access.
  • Stick to your timetable and focus on your needs.
  • Choose global consolidation services for your ocean and air shipments.