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Flatbed Rates & Freight Shipping

Navigate the complex open deck capacity network, overcome market uncertainty, and improve on time performance with flatbed transport. Leverage C.H. Robinson’s 18,000 vetted, high-quality contract flatbed carriers and expertise to flex with the market and increase reliability.

  • Make cost-efficient flatbed shipping decisions based on our expansive market insights and transparent pricing strategies.
  • Save time with a single contact who will help cover surge and planned flatbed freight with vetted, high-quality contract carriers.
  • Rely on our flatbed shipping experts—we understand the nuances of flatbed transport industries, accessories, and equipment.
North America Solutions

Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed transport can be complicated—it includes basic open-deck shipping requests, intricate planning jobs, and countless freight configurations, each requiring specific flatbed equipment and accessories. Keep your unique freight moving with the help of our flatbed experts.

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Flatbed/Open Deck
Flatbed/Open Deck

Mitigate market fluctuations and improve your planned and surge supply chain performance. Our vast flatbed shipping capacity network has the transport options you need.

Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Ideal for hauling smaller, time-sensitive, less than truckload (LTL) flatbed freight, hot shot trailers—generally hauled by Class 3, 4, or 5 trucks—fit the bill for loads that need reliable, fast delivery.

Project Logistics
Project Logistics

Put your overdimensional project freight in expert hands. Our network of capacity options, global suite of services, and knowledgeable experts give you peace of mind in handling any major project.

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Cross-Border Flatbed
Cross-Border Flatbed

Shipping across borders requires deep knowledge of customs, tariffs, and traffic flows. With 800+ experts and 100+ licensed customs brokers, we’ll integrate your logistics seamlessly.

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Specialized Flatbed Equipment
Specialized Flatbed Equipment

Unique freight, specific accessories, compressed timelines? Add protection with Conestoga rolling tarps or gain size and weight flexibility with double drop and removeable gooseneck (RGN) trailers. Choose specialized flatbed transport equipment for unique freight of all kinds.

What sets our flatbed services apart

When it comes to hauling flatbed freight, success is all about finding the right carrier in the right location with the right flatbed shipping trailer type and equipment. With our comprehensive open deck services, you’ll find the capacity to haul your flatbed freight safely and securely, no matter the specs.

Our trained open deck experts collaborate with you to build custom, industry-specific solutions for even the most challenging shipments. We’ll help mitigate market fluctuations with capacity for planned, seasonal, and project-based flatbed freight. We’ve got the expertise, options, and equipment to keep your flatbed transport rolling.

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