Logistics Glossary

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  • B
    • Backhaul

      A load or cargo carried on the return trip after delivering a previous load.

    • Bill of Lading (BOL)

      A document that details the shipment, including the contents, destination, and other relevant information.

    • Bobtail

      Driving a tractor without a trailer attached.

  • C
    • Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

      A specialized driver's license required to operate commercial vehicles.

  • D
    • Deadhead

      The distance a truck travels without a paying load or cargo.

    • Dispatch

      The process of assigning drivers and vehicles to specific loads and routes.

    • DOT

      Abbreviation for the Department of Transportation, the government agency that regulates the trucking industry.

    • Drop and Hook

      The process of dropping off a trailer and picking up another pre-loaded trailer without waiting for it to be loaded or unloaded.

  • F
    • Freight Broker

      An intermediary who connects shippers with carriers to arrange transportation of goods.

  • H
    • Hours of Service (HOS)

      Regulations that limit the number of hours a truck driver can operate a vehicle within a given timeframe.

  • L
    • Load Board

      An online platform or service where carriers can find available loads to transport.

    • Logbook

      A record of a driver's duty status, including driving time, breaks, and rest periods, used to ensure compliance with HOS regulations.

    • LTL

      Abbreviation for Less Than Truckload, referring to shipments that don't fill an entire truck and are combined with other shipments.

  • R
    • Reefer

      Short for refrigerated truck or trailer, used to transport temperature-sensitive cargo.

  • S
    • Scale House

      A facility where trucks are weighed to ensure compliance with weight limits.

    • Sleeper Berth

      A compartment in the cab of a truck where the driver can rest or sleep.

  • T
    • Tanker

      A truck or trailer designed for transporting liquid or bulk cargo, such as fuel or chemicals.

    • Tarping

      The process of securing a tarp over a flatbed trailer's load to protect it from the elements.

    • Tractor-Trailer

      A combination vehicle consisting of a truck (tractor) and a trailer designed to carry goods.

  • W
    • Weigh Station

      A designated area along a highway where trucks are inspected for compliance with safety and weight regulations.

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