Advantages of supply chain visibility

Stay ahead of potential issues

Solve problems before they come up with powerful technology and trusted experts.

Save time and money

Automatic monitoring and mitigation help you avoid supply chain disruptions.

Visualize global inventory

See shipments, at rest or in motion, across all modes and regions.

Improve service levels

Increase visibility to your shipments to improve on-time performance.

Shippers avoid an average of 10% of their supply chain costs with freight visibility and proactive mitigation in areas like these:

  • Retail compliance fines
  • Dwell time
  • Labor costs related to check calls
  • Customer service vendor updates
  • Appointment reschedules

Product features

Advanced visibility in Navisphere®

Save time and money by staying one step ahead of supply chain disruptions.

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Seamless disruption mitigation with automatic monitoring to keep you informed of potential issues, while C.H. Robinson takes smart action to avoid them.

Enhanced maps let you see your shipments, plus weather, traffic, and geopolitical monitoring for a holistic view.

Filter by any shipment, including those at risk—for better planning today and down the road.

Set up real-time notifications to get the latest status of your shipments when and how you want.

Predictive ETAs enhanced by machine learning & AI

Nearly 100% prediction of on-time delivery vs. late, enabling proactive mitigation.

Predictive ETAs enhanced by machine learning and AI model | Navisphere

Looking for visibility across all your carriers and forwarders?

With real-time visibility combined with Managed Services from TMC, you get end-to-end supply chain visibility across your broad network of carriers and forwarders, plus logistics talent that can act as an extension of your team in all regions of the world.

Just looking for a real-time transportation visibility platform? Get real-time visibility at your fingertips in Navisphere through TMC’s fee-based offering.

Client success

Creating end-to-end supply chain visibility

Hometown Food Company's reporting made it difficult to understand shipment details. They needed a better way to meet customer expectations and reduce manual processes.

The company leveraged Navisphere® as its global logistics platform and personalized reporting solutions to get better visibility of their shipments, gain efficiency, and streamline supply chain costs.

Through personalized reporting, they are now able to leverage data to improve business outcomes, and answer freight visibility questions both internal and external.

Visibility and so much more

Proud to be recognized for providing customers with best-in-class freight visibility

C.H. Robinson awarded for freight visibility platform by customers: Fourkites, Project44 and Descartes MacroPoint

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