Freight Pricing & Booking Solutions

Get the most competitive freight rates in one easy-to-use platform—from a single market rate to a full procurement analysis—that results in the best strategy for each lane.

Pricing and booking tools for your business

Quote your single shipments and manage your complex bidding exercises with a single provider. Discover the many ways to streamline your freight purchasing process with automated, competitive, and securable freight rates. Technology availability varies by region. Contact us to learn more about the tools and pricing solutions available in your area.

Manage contractual and spot market rates

Get transactional and contractual rates for modes and regions in the same place: Navisphere®Access automated real-time rates integrated in your route guide, across your carriers and forwarders. Use multiple freight tendering techniques or use spot bidding tools to access capacity quickly and seamlessly.

Quote and book for small business

Save time and money while you access vetted, high-quality contract carriers with Freightquote® by C.H. Robinson. Simplify and automate how you quote and book your shipments anywhere in North America. Freightview®, our small business TMS, helps you compare your direct rates and book the carrier you want.

Real-time rates in your system

Seamlessly connect the capabilities of our transactional pricing engine to your preferred system for real-time rates and the ability to tender freight—everything you need in either Navisphere® or the TMS or ERP you already use.

Bid management

Harness the power of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for your transportation purchasing. Procure IQ® allows you to visualize your North American shipping lanes and manage the bid process so you can unlock the optimal way to purchase transportation.

Market rate benchmarking

Discover if you’re paying more than the market average for similar transportation services. Leveraging DAT’s neutral market data and existing shipment data, compare your price with the market average.

What sets our freight pricing solutions apart?

Whether you connect to our digital platform or connect to a system you already use, our technology options help streamline the freight purchasing process. With over 73,000 contract carriers and the largest shipper and carrier network in North America at your disposal, you can reduce the number of providers you work with while maintaining competitive freight pricing, consistent capacity, and high-quality service.

Manage rates and more with TMC

Use TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, as a fourth party logistics provider (4PL). TMC’s managed services can help you:

  • Manage carriers
  • Reduce exceptions
  • Drive performance