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We use an outside vendor, RMIS, to keep the enrollment process fast and easy.

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Contract carriers who join our Navisphere® Carrier program have access to additional tools and resources.

Carrier Technology

Our Navisphere Carrier technology helps support your business in the office and on the road. When you work with us you'll receive access to all of the following technologies:

  • Instant load booking
  • In-transit status updates
  • Document management systems for your smart phone
  • Mobile payments and invoice tracking

Select only the services you need to make your job easier. Customize your experience by choosing the technologies you wish to employ to create a suite of technology options tailored just for you.

Want to learn more about how we use technology to facilitate a better experience for you? Head over to our carrier technology page to see how the unique offerings from C.H. Robinson make carrying your load a breeze.

Our gratitude for carriers

What you do allows people to work, play, and lead happier lives. At C.H. Robinson, we want to ensure that we acknowledge your hard work. To show how much we appreciate our freight carriers, we name a Carrier of the Year each year. The carrier who is selected receives a two-day trip to C.H. Robinson headquarters in Minnesota for an awards ceremony. As we have over 78,000 carriers in our network, this competitive award highlights carriers who have gone above and beyond to provide top-notch service to their customers.

But you don't need to be the carrier of the year to receive special treatment. Through a host of carrier programs designed specifically to make your life easier, we ensure that you'll be able to get your freight from A to B and beyond without trouble.

Carrier Programs

More options to engage your business

Our contract carriers get more than personalized service and access to thousands of shipments a day. They can participate in one (or more) of our elective carrier programs, set themselves apart from competitors, and even secure more freight opportunities.

Get Paid

Straightforward payments. Plain and simple.

You expect to be paid for a job well done. We agree. That’s why our payment terms are some of the best in the industry. But we know that’s not always soon enough. Find out what you can do to streamline and speed up the process even more.

Still have questions about being a C.H. Robinson contract carrier?

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