Connect Supply Chains Around the World

Create a seamless, secure flow of information for your supply chain. Integrate with your existing systems for the most accurate, comprehensive information as quickly as possible.

Straightforward integrations. Extensive connectivity.

Modern supply chains rely on connectivity technology and integration capabilities to help you stay competitive. Get the information that matters most—everything you need for success in a single platform.

Integrate effortlessly

Optimize planning, execution, and logistics operations. Easily exchange information across providers and the entire product lifecycle in a single platform.

Meet expectations

Unite fragmented systems to reduce risk and satisfy growing customer demands. Transparency across the supply chain makes compliance easy.

Boost communication

Collaborate effortlessly with access to providers in the system you already use. Easily sync data, optimize performance, and strengthen your supply chain.

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Integrations into your TMS or ERP

Save time and money—take advantage of the system you already use. Integrating Navisphere® capabilities directly in your existing transportation management system (TMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, you get reliable pricing transparency, instant market rates, and real-time visibility for data-driven logistics decisions.

Developer tools

Find the exact services and technology that fit your business. Use developer tools to choose the connection type or messaging format you want. Get more automation, fewer manual processes, and easier access to accurate information—on your terms.

Carrier connectivity

Keep your equipment full and on the move with supply chain connectivity options that simplify the manual tasks of your business. Rely on our wide variety of connections, including shipment, appointment, and load management services:

  • Search for loads that match your equipment
  • Accept or reject tenders
  • Identify loads missed at pickup
  • Provide automated status updates
  • Seamlessly upload, view, and load documents

Better efficiency through connectivity

Watch how companies use the world’s most connected logistics platform to automate and manage their supply chains.

Customized connectivity

Strengthen your supply chain with our systems agnostic services an unprecedented number of TMS connections.