C.H. Robinson Truck Fuel Card

Save up to $8,000 per year, per truck on fuel* and help keep your business in the green and your equipment on the road. Trust your C.H. Robinson Truck Fuel Card to deliver flexibility, convenience, and savings.

Countless opportunities to save

Find more reasons to use your C.H. Robinson Fuel Card. Lower the cost of fuel at hundreds of retailers nationwide*, including:

  • TA Petro
  • TA Express
  • Speedway
  • Stripes
  • Casey's
  • Roady's

In addition to lower fuel costs, you can also save on tires and services at TA Petro and TA Express locations.

Your fuel card, simplified

Run your business with a card that works for you. Compare the different card types and choose the one that makes sense for your company. Currently the fuel card is not available to carriers in Mexico.

Payment-Funded Self-Funded Credit
Application $0 $50 $50
Monthly $0 $0 $0
EFS credit check
C.H. Robinson load payments
Linked bank accounts
EFS credit line

Fuel savings at national retailers
Service and tire discounts
Cash Advance
Up to 60%
Apply now Apply now Apply now

Start using your C.H. Robinson Fuel Card

Step 1: Activate your card

Upon approval, card(s) will be shipped to the address you provided. Once your cards arrive, log into EFS using the Carrier ID and password sent to you by EFS Wex. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address and create a secure entry code for your account. Activate your card and set your spending limits to ensure funds are spent on approved items. Then share the cards with the drivers on your team.

Step 2: Fund the card on your terms

There are three distinct ways to fund your card—so you can choose the one that makes sense for your company.

  • Payment-funded: Send C.H. Robinson payments—including cash advances—to your card.
  • Self-funded: Transfer funds from a valid bank account.
  • Credit: Turn fuel card into a credit card with an EFS credit line.

Step 3: Find fuel

Compare retail fuel prices using our fuel finder in Navisphere Carrier. Enjoy savings averaging 37–40 cents per gallon at retailers across the country.*

  • Log into Navisphere Carrier on your mobile device
  • Use the Fuel Finder to locate the best price
  • Pay with your C.H. Robinson Fuel Card

Access the EFS support guides for additional support

Need cash fast?

When you need a fast payment to help cover shipment-related expenses, a cash advance can help. Receive up to 60% cash advance directly to your card on the payment amount for a shipment.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to activating your fuel card and making the most of your discount options, you have questions, we have answers.

Q: What is my C.H. Robinson Fuel Card Carrier ID and password?

Your Carrier ID and password were provided in two separate welcome emails when you registered for the program.

You will need both the Carrier ID and password when accessing your EFS account. Please keep in mind your Carrier ID and password should only be given to people who are authorized to make account changes.

If you need a password reset, email [email protected] with the subject line “Reset My Password.” Be sure to include your C.H. Robinson T# and your C.H. Robinson Fuel Card Carrier ID.

Q: What is my eManager secure entry code? 

Your secure entry code is a code you choose when logging into EFS’s eManager for the first time. You will use this code for security purposes; for example, when logging into eManager from a new computer.

Be sure to either memorize your code or keep it recorded in a secure place. Only share your secure entry code with people who are authorized to make account changes.

Q: What savings and discounts do I get with the C.H. Robinson Fuel Card?

With the C.H. Robinson Fuel Card, you can save on fuel, tires, and service. Fuel discounts are based on the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) nationwide index. Carriers can save an average of 37–40 cents per gallon at TA Petro and TA Express Travel Centers and save at participating 7ELEVEN, Speedway, Stripes, Casey’s, and Roady’s commercial locations.*

In addition to fuel, you can save on service and tires through TA Petro and TA Express. Simply present your ID and DOT/MC number at the service desk.

Your card also offers EFS network discounts at thousands of locations across North America.

*Prices and discount availability will differ geographically and will vary based on current market conditions.

Q: Can my cardholders purchase fuel if they don’t have a card with them?

Yes. Through EFS’s eManager, you can allow “manual entry” of cards. Notify the cardholder of the card number; then they will be allowed to enter the number by hand at the pump instead of swiping the actual card. Remember to switch the card back to “swipe only” when the cardholder has the card in hand again.

Have more questions about our C.H. Robinson Fuel Card?

Ask about funding options, available discounts, or anything else. Our carrier services team is standing by, ready to help.

MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard or its subsidiaries.

* Fuel savings averaging 37–40 cents per gallon at TA Petro, TA Express, and savings at participating Casey’s commercial locations is based on previous quarter analysis, subject to change without notice. Annual savings of $8000 is calculated assuming maximum savings at the pump.

**Funds only available in $USD

***Carrier Advantage card is a part of the EFS network. All discounts apply.