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Technology for your global supply chain

From the largest shippers with the most complex global supply chain to small businesses, everyone can benefit from supply chain technology that drives greater efficiency and improves savings, reliability, and visibility. With nearly 200,000 companies using Navisphere®, it’s the most connected logistics platform and has capabilities to transform your supply chain data into smarter solutions.


Automate, optimize, and manage every aspect of the shipment lifecycle—across transportation providers, regions and modes.

Real-time visibility

Make smart decisions for shipments before problems arise. Use real-time visibility and insights to support critical decisions.

Savings and reliability

Manage costs through optimization strategies, operational improvements, and real-time recommendations.

Positive customer experiences

Use predictive analytics and IoT device integration to deliver products to customers on time, as planned.

Navisphere’s top features

Manage the entire shipment lifecycle in one platform

It’s easy to automate, optimize, and manage across your transportation providers and vendors with clear visibility to shipments—from planning and consolidation to billing and settlements. Whether managing inbound or outbound freight flows, Navisphere’s event and exception management tools make it easy to streamline operations and focus on what matters most.

Simplify your purchase order management process

Navisphere® PO management utilizes automation and increased visibility to streamline your purchase orders. All of this is in an effort to make it easier to control the entire process for your international shipping activities—from order creation to delivery.

Optimize your transportation network to save money

You can increase savings—even in a volatile market—by utilizing the right route, mode, and carrier on the right day. Maximize trailer utilization while minimizing trucks, travel time, and total miles with dynamic planning tools in Navisphere Optimizer.

Secure reliable service every day, everywhere, in every mode

From truckload and LTL to ocean and air service, Navisphere makes it easy to quote and book shipments. Manage spot market or contractual rates across your entire transportation provider network. Integrate real-time truckload rates from multiple carriers in your route guide. By automating your freight tendering process, you can improve route guide compliance for your procurement strategy.

Visibility and expert support

Get access to industry-leading data across all modes and regions for all your freight managed by C.H. Robinson, helping you mitigate supply chain disruptions and deliver on time for your customers. For visibility across all of your carriers and forwarders, connect with a TMC expert.

Transform supply chain data into insights and results

Use reporting and analytics from the largest dataset in the industry to spend smarter, deliver on time, and gain critical insights. With the right insights, you can measure the numbers that matter to you—on-time arrival rates, expense trends, carbon emissions, budget comparisons to market averages, and more.

Leading tech, powered by logistics experts

Reach your goals faster without adding headcount through TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson. By combining global TMS technology with managed services, we become an extension of your team to manage and streamline daily operations across your network of suppliers, forwarders, and carriers. Work with talented individuals who understand your supply chain and the technology you need to achieve long-lasting results.

Digitize and automate with industry-leading connectivity

With Navisphere, you can transfer information between enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, other transportation management systems (TMS), and thousands of carriers and forwarders around the world, including real-time rates. Choose how you connect and save time and money—from bids to billing.

Build smarter supply chains with Navisphere

From automation and digital TMS connectivity to real-time shipment visibility, drive savings and service improvements with Navisphere.