Navisphere PO Management

Streamline your international purchase order (PO) and shipment management processes through automation and increased visibility to your POs and shipments.

Real-time PO visibility and connectivity

From order creation to cargo delivery, stay in control of your global supply chain processes. With Navisphere® PO Management, you get all the information you need about purchase order status, fulfillment, and related international shipping activities in one place. Use upstream connectivity to suppliers and proactive alerts to solve problems in near real time. And turn powerful reporting and analytics of downstream data into added efficiencies and savings.

Automate supplier connectivity

Check the status of any PO at any time all for your suppliers—all within a single, powerful platform.

Scorecard supplier service

Improve your services with total visibility into each supplier’s performance on lead and response times, pricing, quantities, and delivery—down to the individual PO item.

Optimize and execute shipments

Streamline your operations by utilizing automated shipment execution tools and advanced optimization strategies to convert orders into cost effective shipments.

Achieve more with Navisphere PO Management

Easy-to-use interface

Streamline workflows and automatically prioritize daily order negotiations, confirmations, change requests, and fulfillment updates from a configurable user dashboard that makes two-way communication simple. Connect with buyers, suppliers, and purchase order data while synchronizing order fulfillment requirements and expectations in near real-time using our PO management tool.

Logistics management

Monitor critical order requirements—including locations, dates, and quantities—and gain visibility throughout the fulfillment and shipment lifecycle with full integration to Navisphere, our single, global transportation management system.

Order reporting and analytics

Make informed, strategic decisions with actionable insights into order performance metrics, supplier scorecards, and transportation and spend analysis.

Proactive notifications

Stay ahead of issues on things like booking compliance, document collection, and more with proactive notifications whenever problems occur throughout the supply chain. Review your options for keeping shipments on track and increase your efficiency.

How Navisphere PO Management works

Navisphere PO management utilizes automation and increased visibility to streamline your purchase orders. All of this is in an effort to make it easier to control the entire process for your international shipping activities—from order creation to delivery.

  1. PO received and PO negotiation and confirmation
    Electronic receipt allows for near real–time status visibility. Navisphere order confirmation facilitates PO–related communications. Confirmed order details drive shipment planning and optimization.

  2. Supplier transportation request
    The online booking portal captures key information to provide visibility to booked items and distribution of shipment documents.

  3. Rules engine validation and exception management
    Automation enables validation and compliance with all aspects of the PO and identifies rule violations with action steps to get to a resolution faster.

  4. Shipment execution and inventory receipt
    Manage shipments by leveraging tracking and analytics during all lifecycle milestones—from placement to inventory receipt.

Streamline orders with PO management

Trust Navisphere PO Management to help reduce your supply chain costs and drive efficiency. Let’s transform your supply chain together—from order placement to delivery.