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Meet deadlines and customer expectations with fast, reliable air cargo services—including same day, airport to airport delivery—at all major hubs around the world.

Global Solutions

Air Freight Solutions

Every supply chain has unique needs. Our comprehensive air services, global reach, and local knowledge give you customized, reliable solutions based on your requirements to ensure your freight arrives at its destination as planned.

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Get capacity for items with flexible transit times. Standard air service offers reliability at economical rates.



Enjoy the premium benefits of our defined air scheduling to ensure your freight arrives according to plan.



Get it there fast—rely on our deep air carrier relationships to expedite your air freight. Our investment in key air gateways is your advantage.

Charter Services

Charter Services

When every minute counts, we’ll secure an aircraft to move your complex, oversized, and time sensitive air cargo at maximum speed with minimum hassle.

Heavy Lift

Heavy Lift

Transport your heavy, overdimensional, and specialized freight safely with customized air shipping solutions. Our field experts have the specialized experience to coordinate every shipment with care.



Combine the advantages of air freight and sea shipping—including faster transit times and steadier spend—with a streamlined, multimodal process under a unified bill of lading.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Maintain your speed advantage with our customs brokerage services to complement your chosen air cargo services. Work with our Trusted Advisor® experts to keep your imports and exports moving quickly through global air hubs.

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Trade Policy Consulting

Trade Policy Consulting

Keep up with ever-changing import and export regulations to mitigate risks to your air freight. With our knowledge of the intricacies involved in global trade, you can proactively solve compliance issues.

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Safeguard your air freight from financial exposure, physical loss, and damage while in transit. Explore your policy choices—including transactional coverage and annual policies—to ensure your coverage matches your exposure risk.

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Core air shipping corridors

Map of C.H. Robinson core air freight corridors

Air freight options for every deadline

Get your freight delivered fast with reliable air shipping options that complement your global shipping strategy. Finding the right service can help keep your time-sensitive freight moving at a moment’s notice.

Take advantage of daily departure schedules—including same day, airport to airport delivery—to create a swift and efficient transportation strategy.

What sets our air freight services apart

Get more negotiating power with airlines and access to capacity at a moment’s notice, even for your unplanned shipments, when you tap into our scale and expertise.

  • Keep your air freight moving consistently with daily departure schedules through our global carrier management program.
  • Secure the space and scheduling you need—via cargo or passenger plane—through our carrier relationships.
  • Find efficient, cost effective transportation strategies by working with our dedicated experts who oversee and optimize your entire logistics portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is air freight shipping?

Air freight, or air cargo, shipping is the process of transporting products via air through carrier airlines.

Q: What are the benefits of shipping via air?

Air shipping offers fast transportation, offering greater flexibility and responsiveness to market changes. Additional benefits include reliability and the ability to ship goods almost anywhere in the world. 

Q: Is air shipping expensive?

Air shipping is considered the most expensive mode of transport compared to ocean. However, shippers can select from multiple options that take price and transit time into consideration to create more economical rates.

Q: How long does shipping by air take?

Air services are dependent on the level of service secured and the overall distance of transit. Priority shipments can take anywhere from 1–2 days with standard shipments ranging from 5–10 days.

Q: Are there any cargo restrictions shipping by air?

Cargo restrictions are in place for nine classes of dangerous goods. Some goods are too dangerous to transport on any aircraft, while others need approval from the aviation authority of the countries involved.

Q: Can you ship oversize cargo by air?

Oversize cargo can be shipped by air. Charter shipping solutions are available for the transportation of heavy and out of gauge cargo that cannot be loaded onto scheduled services.

Q: Is air freight a sustainable mode of transport?

Air freight is not the most sustainable mode of transport. In fact, aircrafts emit the most greenhouse gases per tonne kilometre, meaning it has the greatest environmental impact over other modes of transport.

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Stay up to date with market changes that impact air and ocean capacity at the trade lane level—everything you need to navigate global shipping.

Evolving our global freight services to meet your needs

Supply chains are growing in complexity and moving faster than ever. Due to the nature of our fast-paced industry, there is a continuous need for additional services. Over the years, we have remained committed to expanding our global network in exciting new ways—including strategic acquisitions—that align with your changing needs.

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Ensure swift and reliable delivery of your air freight, leveraging our extensive network and logistics expertise. Our dedicated team prioritizes efficiency and security, giving you peace of mind while your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly.

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