Carrier Payment

Feel confident about getting paid on time with our easy and convenient carrier payment process.

Start the payment cycle

When you haul for us in Mexico, your payments process through Portal de Administración y Control de Facturas Electrónicas (PACFE). This third-party system validates your financial status, meets your fiscal obligation, and ensures documents comply with Mexico’s authority requirements. Expect your payments to process:

  • Within 20 days of receipt of paperwork on average
  • Safely and securely through PACFE’s innovative portal
  • Electronically in a centralized system

Get paid your way

Whether you choose a check or electronic funds transfer, our standard agreement with contract carriers is payment within 20 days of receiving all appropriate paperwork for any given shipment. Want to get paid sooner? C.H. Robinson provides flexible payment options that offer you the fastest payments without hassle, commitment, or restrictions.

Step 1: Scan and upload paperwork

Using PACFE’s system, it’s simple to submit the necessary paperwork to get paid. Gather, scan, and upload these documents to start the payment process:

  • Invoice in XML and PDF format
  • Bill of lading, signed by the consignee for each stop
  • Additional items as needed, such as proof of delivery, scale tickets, unloading receipts, etc.

Step 2: Confirm paperwork was received

Log into to PACFE to verify we have received all documents. You can also check payment statuses.

Note: Payments process according to the date you uploaded paperwork in PACFE.

Step 3: Receive payments

Once we receive all appropriate paperwork for a shipment, payments process within 20 days on average. In Mexico, you are paid based on a pre-established payment calendar with transfers scheduled twice monthly on average.

Note: You’ll be able to view payment history in Navisphere Carrier, but it may take up to 36 hours to update after a transaction.

Uploaded Invoices

How to review invoices that are pending validation and view options

Rejected Invoices

Watch for information on how to verify invoices with rejections.

Invoice Status

Find out more about the different invoice statuses and what they mean

Authorized Invoices

Get more information on how to review your authorized invoices.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to choosing a carrier payment option, uploading documents, or speeding up the payment process, you have questions, we have answers.

Q: How do I request a cash advance?

Carriers can request a Cash Advance inside Navisphere Carrier—web or app—by following these step-by-step instructions. Cash Advances can only be requested by users that have

Q: Which loads are eligible for a cash advance?

Cash advances are available on all picked up C.H. Robinson loads that are hauled in the United States and Canada and paid in U.S. dollars. Carriers can request an advance after hauling their first load with C.H. Robinson.

Q: Are there any fees to pay with a cash advance?

All cash advances are subject to a 3% fee or $15 fee—whichever is greater—on every load. 

Q: Can I request a cash advance if I use Quick Pay or factoring?

Yes! Cash advances are available on all C.H. Robinson loads, regardless of whether you are paid via standard pay, Quick Pay, or factoring.

Q: Which loads are eligible for Quick Pay?

All C.H. Robinson loads hauled in the United States and Canada are eligible for Quick Pay.

Q: How do I earn the lowest Quick Pay rates?

Contract carriers who earn Key status in our Carrier Advantage Program by reaching 95% on-time performance and 90% tracking success are eligible to receive our lowest Quick Pay rates.

Q: Is Quick Pay available to everyone?

Quick Pay is available to all carriers in the United States and Canada.

Still have questions about getting paid?

We’re here to answer your questions about payment options, resolving outstanding claims, or anything else. Our carrier services team is standing by, ready to help.

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