Steamship Line (SSL) Detention Tariff Program

Reshape your SSL detention tariff processes

Get reliable detention fees on U.S. imports—regardless of carrier or port of entry—through our steamship line (SSL) detention tariff program. Instead of receiving bills long after containers are delivered, you gain full visibility to detention (per diem) charges as they occur.

Streamline processes with standardized and competitive fees

Overcome inconsistent steamship line processes with our uncomplicated and transparent pricing for SSL detention tariffs. All charges are included in your original invoice—removing unnecessary latency from the process.

  • Stay prepared for customs audits
  • Take control of inland accessorial accruals
  • Remove time consuming, manual billing tasks

Understand the differences between common dwell times


Fees are assessed on laden containers inside a port (often referred to as storage).

  • Charge applicable
  • After free time
  • Inside the terminal for use of the land

SSL Detention

Fees are assessed on containers outside a port, whether they are laden or empty (often referred to as per diem).

  • Charge applicable
  • After free time
  • Outside the marine terminal or rail ramp for use of the carrier's container (full or empty)

Wait time

Fees are assessed based on the average amount of time spent waiting to get loaded/unloaded (often referred to as detention).

  • Charge applicable
  • After free time
  • At the shipper or consignee

Overcome inconsistent steamship line processes

Get even more information about our SSL detention program and standardize your invoicing.