Floral Logistics

Streamline your floral supply chain with the combination of our vast temperature controlled carrier network and fully equipped inbound processing facilities.

Recognize the speed behind seamless floral shipments

Keep beautiful blooms in stock all year round with our all-inclusive floral supply chain services. The longest-lasting bouquets stay dormant through the entire shipping process, requiring reliable temperature controlled carriers. And our network is best-in-class.

So much of the floral industry happens at the last minute. Make it all happen with expedited shipping and strategically located processing facilities to support your standing and last-minute orders. The availability of our floral solutions varies by region. Contact us to learn more about the services available in your area.

What sets our floral logistics services apart

Cross-border services

Cross borders swiftly and streamline the import process with customized supply chain strategies that help ensure your products never stop moving and are available when you need them most.

Strategic warehouses

Serve local and regional customers—even at the last minute—with temperature controlled warehouse space strategically located where you do business.

Demand planning

Meet surges in demand for fresh flowers using our insights, analytics, and custom reporting capabilities—all the data you need to identify demand patterns and align your supply accordingly.

Processing botanicals in Miami—America’s flower hub

Strategic position

Located on the tarmac, our facility promotes speedy importing and processing steps for your orders.

Significant footprint

At 50,000 sq. ft., the warehouse is large enough to support high volumes arriving from South America.

Proven processes

Onsite resources act as an extension of your team, following proven processes to care for your fresh picks.

Floral logistics services for every segment

When speed is of the essence, our customized shipping solutions support the entire journey of your floral shipments—from seed to vase.


Build your brand with quality floral products and surety of supply. With aligned supply chain solutions, you get beautiful floral products and arrangements for customers when and where you need them.


Drive incremental sales and customer loyalty through floral products. Ensure you have the right supply chain solutions to deliver these additional items for consumers coming through your doors.


Create a holistic shopping experience for your consumers. Stock the floral options your consumers want while increasing basket purchases and driving revenue.

Leverage our team of dedicated floral experts

There’s more to floral logistics than simply transporting flowers from one location to another. From amorous arrangements for sweethearts to brilliant bouquets that make moms smile, trust our experts to know what it takes for flowers to arrive as stunningly fresh as when they were picked.

With an average of 7.5 million boxes of flowers moved annually, leverage our experience, data, and scale to successfully navigate changing consumer needs and execute your floral program. Whether you need last minute support for an upcoming holiday or ongoing improvement ideas for weekly flower orders, our global network of experts acts as an extension of your team.

What can our floral experts do for you?