Perishable Logistics

Keep shelves stocked with the freshest products year-round. Seamless perishable supply chain services help optimize sales, reduce shrink, and maximize shelf life.

Recognize the services behind seamless perishable shipments

Execute fresh supply chain strategies developed to meet increasing volume surges and the omnichannel demands of consumers. Utilize our vast global network of growers, distributors, warehouses, temperature controlled logistics services, and the expertise of our Robinson Fresh® division to support your time and temperature sensitive perishable products.

From production to distribution and onto consumers, our seamless, multimodal set of global services helps get what you need—when and where you need it.

What sets our perishable logistics services apart

Suite of services

Incorporate distribution services, warehousing, and final mile logistics from a single provider. Move from segmented supply chain processes to a seamless logistics strategy—putting products on the shelf faster.

Unparalleled visibility

See your entire supply chain and easily execute purchase orders in a single platform. With SKU level tracking, Navisphere® connects providers, distributors, and store locations for more on time in full orders.

Data advantage

Reduce costs and drive revenue with analytics and insights into your fresh supply chain—from demand planning and consumer insights to category management, supply chain performance, and optimization.

Perishable logistics services for every segment

Whether you’re a grower, producer, retail grocer, or foodservice provider, there’s no room for waste or spoilage in perishable supply chains. Utilize consumer insights, supply chain technology, and logistics services to keep your specific perishable products as fresh as possible.

Fresh Produce

Keep a continuous supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, both conventional and organic, on store shelves year-round. The tastiest produce requires careful coordination and cold chain management.

Ready to eat

Satisfy consumer demand for convenience—cut produce and meal kits are sure to fit the bill. Align processing, packaging, and consolidation upstream in the supply chain to reduce resources and costs.

Meats and seafood

Fill baskets with popular protein-rich meat, seafood items, and other fresh accompaniments.


Leverage expedited logistics services for fresh milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt items to extend shelf life as much as possible. These perishable products are often essential ingredients for a host of consumer dishes.


Capture sales with fresh deli displays for consumers who shop with their eyes. Align your supply chain strategies to ensure the best, quality products adorn your deli shelves.

Foodservice produce

Trust our vast supply networks and distribution channels—plus the ability to track products and follow food safety protocols—to streamline your complex foodservice supply chains.

Leverage our team of dedicated perishable experts

With experts committed to and invested in the future of your fresh supply chains, you can bring control to your perishable logistics. Apply our extensive knowledge in numerous fresh product categories to streamline and simplify even your most complex supply chain challenges.

Work with dedicated account teams based on your business goals and service needs. Trust your customized group of people—including supply and demand analysts, product experts, and perishable logistics specialists—to bring deep expertise to your business for faster, meaningful improvements.