Dynamic Assurance

Index-driven pricing with guaranteed capacity

100% tender acceptance. 100% guaranteed.

How you approach transportation will never be the same. With more freight than any provider in North America, we also offer guaranteed service you can trust.

Your customizable Dynamic Assurance™ program helps beat contract rates in a loose market and delivers guaranteed capacity in a tight one. With 100% tender acceptance, you secure the capacity you need, receive automated rate reductions, and avoid drastic price hikes without going back for another RFP.

Experience Dynamic Assurance benefits in every market

Each lane receives a starting line haul rate. This rate moves based on an index. In tight markets, you are protected from extreme rate increases as DAT rate per mile (RPM) fluctuates. In loose markets, you get automated rate reduction without another RFP.

  • In tight markets
    • Increase service reliability and performance with guaranteed capacity
    • Plan ahead and stabilize your budget with accurate forecasts
  • In loose markets
    • Reduce rates automatically without an additional RFP or mini-bid process
    • Take advantage of softening markets and beat contract rates
  • In any market
    • Improve total landed costs during market shifts compared to traditional pricing strategies
    • Get rate transparency by benchmarking your price against neutral DAT data

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Get started with your data today

Share your historical origin, destination, and volume data with us.

2. Identify ideal lanes and freight

Determine opportunities with Procure IQ, align on rates, and choose review cadence.

3. Go live with C.H. Robinson

Benchmark rates against neutral DAT data. Continue to evaluate and optimize.

Mobile device displaying app data against a landscape at twilight

Dynamic Assurance delivers savings and service for Herbalife Nutrition

  1. Challenge
    A global leader in nutrition and supplements faced a tightening market, budget overruns, and poor carrier performance. They sought better forecasting tools and more consistent capacity options.
  2. Solution
    Using their shipping data, C.H. Robinson identified optimal truckload procurement strategies by lane, including a mix of Dynamic Assurance, traditional RFP, and spot freight.
  3. Result
    The company secured guaranteed capacity for Dynamic Assurance lanes, created quarterly and annual forecasts, and brought transportation spend in line with budgets. Herbalife experienced benefits in both loose and tight markets:
    • Loose market: Automatically reduced transportation costs by 9%—without another RFP.
    • Tight market: Reduced total landed costs compared to traditional strategies.

What our customers say

"Dynamic Assurance has truly changed the way we look at freight. Our total landed costs have gone down, and we are now able to more accurately forecast our transportation spend."

—Jamie Hardenbergh, Vice President, Logistics, Herbalife Nutrition

Let us help you plan for market changes

Implementation is fast and easy. Get guaranteed truckload with automated rate relief. Start today.