Sign up to haul with C.H. Robinson

Signing up to haul for C.H. Robinson is easy.  Click here to begin and simply follow the prompts, which will explain what documents you need to get set up as a carrier.

We keep the registration process as easy as possible, so you can get on the road quickly. To get started, please have the details about your fleet and equipment as well as the documents below ready.

  • An active MC/MX# or DOT# 
  • Electronic W-9
  • Proof of insurance
    • $100,000 (USD) cargo liability  
    • $1,000,000 (USD) automobile liability

You must finish the signup process in the same session. You cannot save your information and return to complete at another time without losing your progress. If you come back to it later, you will have to start over.  

Once your registration is approved, you’ll want to create a Navisphere® Carrier account and download the free Navisphere Carrier mobile app As a contract carrier with C.H. Robinson, you have access to more tools, resources, and loads than any other provider in North America.  

Frequently asked questions

How long does my Motor Carrier (MC) number need to be active before I can haul for C.H. Robinson? 

You can sign up to haul with C.H. Robinson at anytime after receiving your MC number. There may be limited freight options when you first begin due to customer requirements, as some customers require a 90-day minimum. But this is not a standard across all C.H. Robinson loads.

Do I need to have hauled loads for a certain period of time before I can haul for C.H. Robinson?

You do not need to have hauled loads before in order to book your first load with C.H. Robinson. You simply need to be a registered carrier with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Then once you’ve been approved to haul with C.H. Robinson, you can begin booking right away.