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What is retail consolidation?

Retail consolidation combines orders from multiple suppliers or from multiple shipping locations into a single, full truckload shipment for retailers. By using a third-party supplier like C.H. Robinson, you can improve compliance scores by fulfilling orders on time and in full, save money, and streamline your supply chain.

Trust the retail consolidation experts

The majority of today’s retail compliance programs have stringent on time, in full requirements to meet. Retail consolidation may be the answer to mitigating associated penalties in the retail industry.

The most strategic retail consolidation programs start with a provider who can deliver:

  • High freight volumes on a known and consistent basis
  • Understanding of compliance requirements and retailer expectations
  • A robust warehouse infrastructure including value-added services
  • Established relationships with well-know, large retailers
  • Network of vetted, high-quality carriers

How retail consolidation programs work

The key difference between freight consolidation and retail consolidation programs is the consistency it provides for all parties. Quality retail consolidation programs require clear alignment and collaboration across suppliers, the retail consolidator, and the retailer. Unlike traditional consolidation warehouses, retail distribution centers have different—often more stringent—requirements to meet. A quality retail consolidation program knows how to plan for these specific rules and procedures and will have standard processes in place to meet these requirements, from appointments to delivery expectations.

Lifecycle of a retail consolidation order

  1. Supplier receives order, verifies stock, transmits order to consolidator
  2. Consolidator schedules pick up and delivery appointments
  3. Supplier completes order, carrier picks up according to a set transit schedule
  4. Order arrives and is verified at consolidator’s dock
  5. Consolidator scans, picks, and stages order with other like freight for outbound delivery
  6. Carrier picks up and completes transit for outbound delivery per agreed upon schedule

Retail consolidation models

Single supplier serves multiple retailers

Through our cross-customer consolidation programs, suppliers shipping less than truckload (LTL) quantities to multiple retailers can improve truck utilization, delivery expectations, and retailer compliance.

Retail direct program

In this model, C.H. Robinson works directly with retailers on order-level solutions. Leverage the volumes of multiple suppliers and the expertise of C.H. Robinson’s dedicated programs.


With C.H. Robinson’s network of strategically located retail consolidation centers, we can pick and fulfill case-level orders directly to retailers. Improve your on time, in full compliance performance with our network’s drop trailer and preferred appointment capabilities.

Why use freight consolidation?

With an experienced freight consolidator like C.H. Robinson, you can clear your dock quickly, reduce claims and damages, and provide established pricing and transit times.

Trust your consolidation strategy to North America’s largest distribution network; we understand your unique business needs and can translate them into solutions that increase efficiencies and improve speed of delivery.

10 benefits of retail consolidation

  1. Minimize on time, in full (OTIF) penalties
  2. Gain control over total landed costs
  3. Improve retailer satisfaction
  4. Obtain consistent, optimized transportation
  5. Cut transportation expenses
  6. Reduce inventory carrying costs
  7. Expand business with a scalable program
  8. Simplify the transportation process
  9. Reduce touch points, damage, and shortage
  10. Improve cash-to-cash cycle

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