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Navigate complex project dynamics while you reduce risk, damages, and costs.

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Solar. Wind. And more. Leverage the power of C.H. Robinson’s expertise across the renewable energy sector to make your project a success. With the help of energy experts and the power of our network, you’ll be able to identify risks before the project even begins, get dedicated support throughout the life cycle of the project, and access a global suite of services and the specialized equipment you need to execute complex shipments.

Visibility by Megawatt

Get visibility for every megawatt in motion. Your project’s port status is at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor dwell time, port to delivery, and how many megawatts have been delivered.

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Track movement and delivery of every project down to the megawatt

Proactive monitoring and execution help mitigate potential delays and risks and allow you to improve efficiency and reduce costs across the board.

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Increase reliability & reduce risk

Mitigate job site delays and shutdowns with precise project management by dependable experts.

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Improve visibility

Know where your shipments are, where they’re going, and when they’ll get there with Navisphere®.

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Meet delivery dates & reduce damages

Find the best mode of transportation with access to reliable, high-quality carriers that can scale to your project needs.

Make your next renewable energy capital project a success

From planning to production, reduce risk, avoid disruptions, and manage spend across your renewables supply chain as the demand for green energy skyrockets. No matter the partners you are working with—original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); developers; installers; engineering, procurement, and construction companies (EPCs); and more—work with C.H. Robinson to maximize your project.

Get custom logistics solutions tailored to your specific needs. C.H. Robinson has delivered:

Our difference

End-to-end visibility for every megawatt in motion

C.H. Robinson can track your solar, wind and BESS projects from departure to delivery, and every point in-between. Proactive monitoring and execution backed by renewable energy supply chain experts helps mitigate delays and risks, so you can reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • 98%

    average on-time delivery on renewable energy freight

  • 5M+ FT2

    of solar equipment warehouse space

  • 40+ GW

    combined logistics experience in solar, wind, and BESS

Leading solar tech company improves on-time delivery while reducing claims


The company faced challenges in reliably meeting delivery dates of their software-driven home solar energy solutions, putting project timelines in jeopardy. They also had to overcome a high rate of claims on microinverters damaged in transit.


C.H. Robinson analyzes the company's shipping data to manage priority key performance indicators (KPIs) like on-time deliveries. To reduce claims, C.H. Robinson helps them move to more protective packaging, leverage carriers with specialized equipment, and use consolidation solutions to keep products safe while decreasing touchpoints.


  • On-time delivery percentage increased to 99%
  • Claims on damaged goods decreased to 1%

C.H. Robinson’s expertise and Navisphere technology have been critical to getting our on-time percentage up double digits to 99% and keeping our projects on timeline and on budget.

-Director, Planning & Fulfillment

One of the largest solar ground-mounting system manufacturers reduces costs with Navisphere


Due to short lead times, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar energy ground-mounting systems wasn’t always able to secure flatbed capacity. Often, they had to pay high prices to find a carrier at the last minute. Delays in delivery resulted in liquidated damages, costing the company up to $10K per load, per day.


Using Navisphere technology, C.H. Robinson helps them plan shipment schedules in advance. They now work with vendors for additional lead time to make planning easier and save money on transportation.


  • Guaranteed capacity from C.H. Robinson
  • Fewer liquidated damages eating into profits

C.H. Robinson has technology to make my supply chain run smoother—from getting the capacity I need for my time-sensitive freight, to providing detailed visibility to all of the job locations on when shipments will arrive, which helps us plan more effectively and stay on budget.

-Director of Logistics

Navigate the complexity of wind logistics projects

With renewable energy and wind capital projects on the rise, you need experience and expertise on your side for these critical projects. Learn how our project logistics experts keep renewable energy projects on schedule and on budget.

Rising demand for renewable energy

By 2040, renewable energy sources are expected to account for 45% of global electricity generation. That’s nearly double the 26.2% of electricity generation that renewables accounted for in 2018.1

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Get a better view of your global supply chain

Ensure your renewable energy products get where they need to go—on time, consistently with Navisphere.

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