Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence

Quickly identify import risks and opportunities using our streamlined view of your Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Make the most of the data from your ACE importer account

Transform the way you see and understand your ACE data with a visual, dynamic tool that’s easy to navigate. Unlike other reporting tools, Navisphere® ACE Import Intelligence consolidates your import data from ACE for an accurate picture of your U.S. import compliance risks and opportunities. All entry activity from all filers is now at your fingertips.

Consolidate data

View robust details for all entries—it’s one-stop visibility.

Evaluate records

Review, identify, and analyze key areas of import compliance.

Drill into details

See anomalies clearly by reviewing high-level data or single entries.

Stay up to date

Identify risks and opportunities quickly with weekly updates.

Your most comprehensive view of import compliance is here

Harness the power of your entire entry activity with Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence. It’s a clear way to see what’s working, what’s not, and where you can improve on your company’s compliance efforts.

All import data in one place

Consolidate entry activity into a single tool. With everything in one place, you can more easily identify trends, quickly see anomalies, manage your entry activities, and review areas of scrutiny like: 

  • Related parties
  • Country of origin
  • Provisional tariffs
  • HTS classifications
  • Usage of free trade agreements

Weekly updates

Quickly capture new entry activity each week. The weekly refresh of data helps catch potential errors and opportunities for duty recovery and minimization. All new data elements not previously entered to CBP, including entry line details, are shown in the “New Items” tab for easy viewing in a timely manner.

Customizable views

Built specifically with managing trade compliance in mind, Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence lets you customize how you view your company’s entry activity. Sort by key areas of interest, including but not limited to:

  • Entry filers
  • Manufacturers
  • HTS classification
  • Special Program Indicators
  • Summary by Total Entered Value, Duty, and Entry Volumes

Take the next step to a streamlined view of your ACE data

Get started with Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence and better interact with your customs data. Our Trusted Advisor® experts are ready to help.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where does Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence get information?

All information provided in our Navisphere ACE Intelligence tool is emailed directly from your company’s ACE portal account to the tool itself. The trade policy team at C.H. Robinson will provide pre-established templates that will backfill historical information and allow for weekly updates of the data.

Q: Will C.H. Robinson generate reports from the ACE portal account for me?

For security purposes, C.H. Robinson will never access your ACE portal account directly. Generating the reports is simple, simply follow our standard operating procedure (SOP) detailing the steps involved to generate the report needed from the ACE portal to populate Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence. Our trade policy team can also help your ACE account owner schedule the required reports, as necessary.

Q: What is required to get started with Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence?

Your company must have an active ACE importer account. If your company does not already have this account established, consider applying for an account to gain access to your company’s reporting.

Once you have an ACE importer account, accessing Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence requires a representative from your company to complete our simple Use Acknowledgement Form, which you can request from your C.H. Robinson representative.


Q: Does Navisphere ACE Import Intelligence include SKU-level data?

All information available in the Navisphere ACE Importer Intelligence tool is generated directly from the ACE Portal. Accordingly, C.H. Robinson can only capture the information included in your filings to CBP. As such, SKU numbers and other importer-specific reference numbers are not captured.

If C.H. Robinson is your sole customs broker and you wish to see SKU-level entry details, consider using Navisphere U.S. Customs Analytics.