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Book loads instantly online in Navisphere® Carrier. With C.H. Robinson, you get more loads to choose from than any other 3PL in North America. In addition, access our other tech tools to help make your job easier.

Navisphere Carrier: End-to-end load management

  • Book loads instantly: Day or night, find and book the lanes and the freight you want. Easily search by equipment type or lane preferences.
  • Make status updates: Update your tracking location and shipment status.
  • Manage documents: Scan files like BOL’s and financial documents, instantly on your smart phone.
  • Get paid: Check your payment status and request updates on invoices.

Navisphere Carrier supports your business through the life of a load and beyond.

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Get the free Navisphere Carrier app on your iPhone® or Android® device.

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Navisphere Driver App: Built for automatic load updates

Automation is key to staying on top of required status updates. Stop spending time on check in calls and emails, let your phone do it for you. Navisphere Driver submits near real-time load updates through geo-fence updates and a mobile device’s location services.

Learn more about our Navisphere Driver app.

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Work with one of C.H. Robinson's approved ELD providers

With direct ELD connectivity, you eliminate the manual work of providing tracking updates by phone or email. Our direct connections with the industry’s top ELD providers offer you quick setup to provide load visibility, allowing for fewer interruptions while you’re on the road. Once connected, you can rest assured tracking will only be active during transit and will conclude at final drop off. Learn more about C.H. Robinson’s shipment tracking expectations through the Carrier Advantage Program.

Click on your ELD provider to complete your direct connection setup today.

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If your ELD provider is not listed above as one of our direct connections, you can use MacroPoint to connect with hundreds of additional providers. If you have any additional questions on ELD setup please review our latest guide.

How to become an EDI Carrier

Through electronic data interchange (EDI), you can choose how to communicate with us about routine matters like pickups, check calls, and deliveries. We currently trade the following EDI documents with our contract carriers:

  • 204 Load Tender (truckload, intermodal, LTL)
  • 990 Load Tender Response (truckload, intermodal, LTL)
  • 214 Shipment Status (truckload, intermodal, LTL)
  • 210 Motor Carrier Invoice (truckload, LTL)

All LTL, truckload, and intermodal dray carrier specs are also available.

Access C.H. Robinson Loads in Real Time with AscendTMS

AscendTMS, a cloud based TMS for carriers, has collaborated with C.H. Robinson to integrate available C.H. Robinson loads directly into its platform. This new collaboration extends the power of the largest freight network in North America to the desks of capacity providers. Any carrier or owner/operator can now access all available C.H. Robinson loads in real time.

Learn more about AscendTMS.

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