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Foodservice Logistics

Offering you end-to-end supply chain solutions to drive your business

  • Fresh products & services
  • Vendor management
  • Purchase order technology
  • Supply chain engineering
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Strategic solutions:

Our logistics experts understand the foodservice industry. We have the supply chain network and services needed to help you create efficient, effective supply chains in a constantly changing marketplace.

What sets our foodservice logistics apart?

Suite of services

Get product sourcing, distribution services, transportation, and technology from a single provider. Move from segmented supply chain processes to a seamless logistics strategy.

Unparalleled visibility

See your entire supply chain and easily execute purchase orders in a convenient single platform. Connect providers, distributors, and store locations to ensure more on time, in full orders.

Industry expertise

We work with some of the largest foodservice providers in the industry and we have a deep understanding of the unique logistics needs that help drive efficiency and reduce costs.

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Foodservice logistics for every segment

Whether you’re a franchise owner, restaurant, or convenience chain, distributor, or GPO, supply chain excellence gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Secure consistent supply for your restaurant locations – no matter the market conditions. Our powerful proprietary technology, global services, and logistics expertise drive solutions that accelerate your business.

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Distributors and broadliners

Align your fresh supply chain needs with our network to gain flexible logistics services customized to your business.

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As market conditions change, convenience consumers increasingly demand fresh and fast. Our unique position in the industry, providing fresh products and all of the supply chain solutions to ensure they reach your store shelves quickly, helps ensure your customer satisfaction. From small to large shipments, we have the logistics solutions to optimize your supply chain.

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Leverage our team of dedicated foodservice experts

With experts dedicated to the future of your foodservice supply chains, you can bring control to your logistics. Apply our extensive knowledge of the foodservice industry to streamline and simplify even your most complex supply chain challenges.

Work with dedicated account teams based on your business goals and service needs. Our experts develop customized, holistic supply chain solutions that drive efficiency and meaningful improvements.

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Success story: Bloomin’ Brands


When faced with globalization, increasing competition, and logistical complexities, casual dining company, Bloomin’ Brands, recognized they needed to manage their global foodservice supply chain more effectively.


With C.H. Robinson’s help, Bloomin’ Brands implemented supply chain processes that addressed both current challenges and could scale up as business needs grew and changed.


Supplier and distributor invoices are now all managed through C.H. Robinson's managed procurement technology, reducing the time, energy, and resources once spent on these tasks.

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