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Eliminate empty miles, compare rates seamlessly and instantly submit offers on the most extensive free load board in Indianapolis, IN.

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      A powerful load board that can help save you time and money

      Save time and reduce empty miles with the largest free carrier load board in North America. C.H. Robinson allows you to match your preferences and search history when booking instantly from our live truck load boards. Search available freight—find recommended loads with our free load boards.

      Easily find freight

      Get a centralized place to find available loads. This visibility allows carriers to access a wide range of freight opportunities from various shippers, leading to better utilization of their transportation capacity.

      Seamless transactions

      Instantly book and make offers with real-time negotiation. Streamlining this process can accelerate decision-making, saving carriers countless hours spent securing freight over email, chat or calls.

      Efficient matching

      Facilitate quick and efficient load matching based on specific location and freight requirements. This can lead to faster and more accurate load booking, which can optimize routes and reduce empty miles.

      Real-time information

      Get immediate updates on available loads. This allows carriers to make informed decisions based on current market conditions. Plus, live chat helps answer any questions that may arise.

      Frequently asked questions

      When it comes to searching our load board, booking freight, and using Navisphere Carrier, you have questions, we have answers.

      Q: What is a load board?

      A load board is a digital platform that connects shippers with carriers in the freight industry. It serves as a marketplace that hosts available loads. From there, carriers can swiftly find, book and make offers on shipments that match their capacity and preferences. C.H. Robinson’s free load board can help facilitate efficient and transparent communication, enabling carriers to streamline the process of securing loads.

      Q: How do load boards work?

      A load board serves as a digital marketplace for shippers and carriers. Shippers post freight, specifying details such as the origin, destination, and load requirements. Carriers can then browse these listings in real-time, evaluate the details, and submit bids or offers to transport the freight. Once a rate is agreed upon, the carrier secures the load, and the shipment moves forward as scheduled.

      Q: How can I search for loads?

      Begin your search by viewing thousands of available loads—more than any other provider in North America—directly on the C.H. Robinson load board. There's no need to register or sign in.

      You can also search and book loads in Navisphere Carrier after signing up to haul. Within Navisphere Carrier, you can filter your search by country of origin, specialized equipment, and more.

      Currently, intermodal loads are not available within Navisphere Carrier. To find loads for your intermodal equipment, you can post equipment to the Post Trucks section in Navisphere Carrier or call our regional centers:

      Q: Can I get load tenders online?

      Yes. Talk to your C.H. Robinson representative about receiving and accepting/rejecting load tenders through Navisphere Carrier.

      Q: Can I get load tenders online when C.H. Robinson offices are closed?

      Yes. We have more loads available online to book instantly than any other provider. Log in to Navisphere Carrier to search thousands of bookable loads available outside of business hours.

      For loads that are not available for instant booking, the best way to request a load outside of business hours is to email the representative who posted the load you want. When the office opens, they can contact you directly in response to your email.

      Have more questions about our carrier load board?

      Ask about searching available freight, booking online, or anything else. Our carrier services team is standing by, ready to help.

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