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C.H. Robinson is closely connected to companies of all kinds—from complex global shippers to local businesses spanning a wide range of industries. Using our unparalleled experience, we have identified the top supply chain challenges in North America and have the insights and expertise you need to overcome them.

Being connected to the best rates and capacity in any market

Using supply chain data to create savings

Gaining comprehensive supply chain visibility


Gaining comprehensive supply chain visibility

As supply chains continue to evolve, achieving and maintaining visibility across your entire supply chain can be challenging. Yet visibility is also critically important for proactive decision-making, managing exceptions, and meeting customer expectations and requirements. Get the end-to-end visibility you need through C.H. Robinson's multimodal technology, Navisphere®.

Top visibility needs
Tracking and tracing shipments in real time
Seeing all modes and regions in one platform
Predicting disruptions
Capturing and maintaining accurate data
Receiving proactive notifications about changes to shipment status

Insights to overcome this challenge

Five insights to get the best rates and capacity in any market

Get smart solutions with C.H. Robinson

Our global, multimodal platform, Navisphere, connects over 200,000 companies into a single transportation management system. We’re here to create better value and outcomes for our customers.

Real-time insights and visibility
200K customers and carriers connected to our platform
Reduced pricing volatility
18 million shipments annually
Improved efficiencies through our world class platform
650 million digital interactions annually

Use our technology and experts to gain comprehensive visibility across your supply chain and reach your goals. With real-time shipment visibility, reporting across regions and modes, and proactive shipment alerts about external factors that can disrupt your supply chain, we provide the level of technology you need to reach specific business goals.

Our experience, data, and scale deliver an information advantage, creating better outcomes for our customers.

Reach your goals with C.H. Robinson's information advantage

Put our data scientists to work analyzing your raw supply chain data against C.H. Robinson's industry-leading information. Using the visibility and insights we provide, together we can execute on prioritized opportunities.

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