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Logistics and supply chain solutions tailored for Oceania

Innovation and flexibility—two keys to successful global supply chains. Whether you are shipping into or out of Australia and New Zealand or moving your freight through interstate sea shipments, you need the right solutions, the right experts, and the right visibility. We bring you guidance and expertise in route selection, shipping requirements, ocean freight, customs, air freight, Australian coastal shipping, and more.

Helping improve your supply chains

It's a great big world out there, one that is full of customers waiting on your products. But, it takes overcoming the challenges of international shipping to get your products into the right hands. We bring you the right solutions for your business—to increase efficiencies, drive down costs, and give you a competitive advantage. We do this through our network of experts located strategically throughout the world. However, we don't just stop there. We also own and operate our own Registered Training Organisation called the Australian College of International Freight to offer a range of Government approved courses to help give you some tools to understand and improve your supply chain.

Bringing your supply chain into perspective

We know that visibility is a critical piece in the supply chain puzzle. That's why we offer technology that provides complete tracking and reporting. Log in to xtract® to see your orders, shipments, commercial documents and customs clearance status as well as key reports to manage your data. Bottom line—when you work with us on your global shipments, we help you Accelerate your Advantage®.

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