Navisphere Optimizer: Ship faster, easier, and more cost-effectively

Looking for a way to save an average of 8% on your transportation costs and as much as 30%—even with today’s supply chain complexity? Navisphere Optimizer can reduce waste and improve savings by maximizing trailer utilization and minimizing trucks needed, travel time, and total miles.

It’s a global technology built by and for supply chain experts that empowers decision making and provides optimal shipment plans for your business objectives. It dynamically builds the right route with the right mode and right carrier on the right day.

Our expert supply chain engineers configure the technology around your unique business requirements and continuously calibrate to achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for the best shipment strategy while saving you countless planning hours or aiming to reach sustainability goals through minimizing total miles traveled, Optimizer can be a key to your success.

We input your order data and factor in your unique business rules—ranging from simple to complex. Optimizer leverages all information in conjunction with Navisphere’s machine learning, data science modeling, and operations research to plan the optimal solutions. From order aggregation and modal selection to multi-stop routings and pooling in less time. This process is automated and repeatable.

And because optimizer is fully integrated with Navisphere, our single, global technology platform, we can not only build, but execute and measure your desired plans successfully. Optimizer allows you to design the most efficient and desirable shipments faster, which can increase savings with what’s in your control and reduce waste and emissions. See how Optimizer can make shipping faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever.

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Supply chain optimization software for your unique business

Minimize emissions, shipments, travel time, distance, and total miles while maximizing trailer utilization and savings with Navisphere Optimizer®. On average, this supply chain optimization software increases savings for companies by 8% and up to 30% overall. See how it can dynamically help you build the ideal route with the right mode, carrier, and timing:

  • Eliminate manual work through automation
  • Analyze emissions and wasteful inefficiencies
  • Develop cost-effective load plans backed by data

Maximize your shipment plan with Navisphere Optimizer.

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