Why Use Freight Consolidation?

As a shipper you face many challenges: increased vendor requirements, changing regulations, supply chain disruption, and other unforeseen events. As our world changes these, and other risks, don't have to hold your supply chain back. A well-developed consolidation strategy allows you to hit your delivery windows, manage costs, and reduce damage. Connectivity is at the heart of a strong consolidation program—and overall supply chain success.

We have the pieces you need, and can use them to help you develop a plan for consolidation that doesn't sacrifice the level of service your customers need and expect.

Watch how proper freight consolidation can optimize your supply chain

You’ll only pay for the space you use, your goods will travel across a vast, predetermined transportation network, and your shipments will be traced all along the way.

In this video, you’ll learn the following:

  • C.H. Robinson’s freight consolidation services utilize our vast transportation network and truckload buying capabilities
  • Palletized shipments can best benefit from consolidated freight
  • The tracking and tracing services for consolidated shipments are the same as for full-truckload shipments, with comprehensive reporting and end-of-transaction feedback
  • Freight consolidation is a great way to increase efficiency and reduce shipping costs

From shipment tracking to customs regulations, global logistics can be tricky. C.H. Robinson can help you plan routes and freight services, manage shipments and answer questions. With local attention, logistics expertise, and Navisphere® technology, C.H. Robinson boosts your global supply chain efficiency. Discover more about how our freight consolidation services can optimize your business’s supply chain.

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