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At C. H. Robinson, we're on a mission to improve the world supply chain and that means keeping an eye to the future. So when a company is looking to improve savings, reliability and visibility, or to grow at scale, we are ready to solve the logistics challenges that the future will demand. Whether a customer has worked with C. H. Robinson for years or is developing a relationship for the first time, our comprehensive and diverse offerings can help in ways they haven't even imagined. Take IPC Subway when they saw the challenges of transforming their entire menu nationally; C.H. Robinson was ready to provide supply chain solutions through a global suite of services.

[IPC Subway testimony] "Eat fresh refresh is new products, new bread, new protein, new way of looking at our business evolving with that has been probably one of the biggest challenges IPC and Subway have seen from the supply chain perspective ever. With C.H. Robinson we get a lot of scale and we get a lot of value. It allows us to go further faster. Having C.H. Robinson as a lead partner in logistics, it helps us to really protect costs better."

When Anheuser Busch saw the challenge of pricing their thousands of shipments daily as the world's largest beer producer- C. H. Robinson was able to drive smarter solutions by leveraging our information advantage.

[Anheuser Busch testimony] "So our supply chain is really from the seed all the way through the sip. It's end-to-end covering more than just beer. It's much more complicated than people would assume. We actually are using our innovative partners like C. H. Robinson to really go through and disrupt the old way of working. Use the data, use the insights, find ways to anonymize data points to look for trends and patterns, to avoid risk, to reduce waste and empty miles, and drive sustainable improvements across our enterprise. The information advantage that C. H. Robinson is presenting basically becomes an information baseline for us."

Or when New Era Cap company saw their own challenge of getting team's merchandise into stores hours after they'd won a championship. C.H. Robinson was able to step in with technology built by and for supply chain experts.

[New Era testimony] "But what people don't realize is that the product has to be at major retailers the next morning to satisfy that consumer demand. C.H. Robinson is the only company we could work with to be able to make that a reality. My initial perception of C.H. Robinson was more of a logistics company, not the technology and platform company that it has come to be known as a New Era."

And when Materne GoGo SqueeZ, saw the growing impact online retail was having on their fulfillment demands. C.H. Robinson was ready to meet these new demands with people you can rely on.

[GoGo SqueeZ testimony] "Ecommerce has really transformed the supply chain for consumer products across the globe. We're seeing even brick and mortar retailers, their online businesses skyrocket. In today's world where our customers are demanding more and more and our supply chains are needing to react quicker each day. The C. H. Robinson team has been extremely reliable and being able to innovate and collaborate with us where we need it."

We are the solutions company that offers a global suite of services, with technology built by and for supply chain experts, powered by our information advantage and with people you can rely on connecting it all together. We make magic happen for our customers.

Learn About C.H. Robinson Customer Solutions

At C.H. Robinson, we move the world forward. As part of our mission to improve the world’s supply chain, we solve logistics challenges for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex.

Hear from industry-leading shippers how C.H. Robinson solutions have transformed their supply chain for better outcomes—such as improved savings, reliability, and visibility.

Whether you’ve worked with us for years, or you’re developing a relationship for the first time, we can help you solve the challenges that the future will demand through our Customer Promise:

  • Global Suite of Services®
  • Technology Built By and For Supply Chain Experts®
  • Information Advantage Driving Smarter Solutions®
  • People You Can Rely On®

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