STIHL Drives Business Improvements Using Supply Chain Insights

[Mike Broz, Senior Manager Logistics & Distribution STIHL] Stihl is the number one selling outdoor power equipment in the United States and we are also the number one worldwide seller chainsaw. C.H. Robinson is our primary logistics provider. They're really providing us our full transportation management system. They are helping us provide not only the analytics to drive service improvements but also the manager cost.

[Matt Blanchard, Key Account Manager C.H.Robinson] C.H. Robinson provides a global suite of services, truckload, in North America and Europe, LTL Ocean and Intermodal.

[Mike] We saw huge demand growth as people were discovered their backyards. In response to that, we've added labor, we've added additional manufacturing capacity as well as increased logistics plans to support all that.

[Kara Moen, Manager Information Technology Services STIHL] One of the things that we had to look at is how we could be more efficient with our systems so we could meet the supply and demand.

[Mike] C.H. Robinson was hugely impactful. They were a partner all the way through our growth cycle.

[Matt] C.H. Robinson has the expertise, data and scale that brings information advantage to Stihl.

[Kara] I think one of the key solutions that has benefited Stihl INC has been the simulation models that we've been able to leverage through C.H. Robinson. So C.H. Robinson takes our historical data, applies the real market information pricing and enables us to take a look at daily and long term planning. Taking information, doing more predictive modeling and making suggestions for the future.

[Mike] C.H. Robinson's Navisphere® system is completely integrated with our ERP system. This allows us seamless communication with thousands of data points every hour. Without that; we would not be able to function and drive the improvements that we've seen.

[Kara] One of the advantages of using C.H. Robinson is this this technology built by a company that knows the industry. This isn't a software company selling software. It is an industry leader who built the software. We have already exceeded the goals that we had set for cost savings and efficiencies.

Freight market insights to optimize the supply chain

Known for their chainsaws and outdoor power equipment, STIHL leverages our information advantage to minimize supply chain disruption and keep up with growing demand. Using custom analytics and insights, STIHL relies on data-driven strategies to make smart decisions for their supply chain—from replacing depleted inventory of raw materials to keeping manufacturing lines operational through modal conversions.

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