Easily manage customs activity with Navisphere U.S. Customs Analytics

In today’s unpredictable and ever-evolving market, managing customs within your supply chain involves many responsibilities—from managing compliance to mitigating import costs. Throw in ongoing customs and trade policy developments, and it can suddenly feel like you’re juggling more responsibilities than you initially planned.

Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to manage your customs activity. Navisphere U.S. Customs Analytics consolidates your customs activity and provides strategic insights to help you potentially mitigate risk, identify cost savings opportunities, assess carrier utilization and on-time entry performance.

Whether you’re looking for a high level overview of your customs activity or a deeper SKU-level analysis of your customs spend, U.S. Customs Analytics has you covered on both macro and micro viewpoints.

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Simplify your customs activity—all in one place

When C.H. Robinson acts as your customs broker, you can gain strategic insights into your U.S. imports—from high-level overviews to detailed SKU-level analysis. Consolidate your customs activity into one place with Navisphere® U.S. Customs Analytics and stay up to date on new customs and trade policy changes that could affect your supply chain.

Mitigating risk is imperative to keeping costs down, which is why achieving a clear look into potential risk factors and possible opportunities for cost savings has never been more important. With all your entry data at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and manage performance to better meet your business goals.

Keep your freight moving across borders with minimal disruption and understand where your compliance requirements may fall short with Navisphere U.S. Customs Analytics.

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