Prepare for Your Mandatory Transition to CARM

Hello everyone. My name is Marie-Audrey Lévesque and the goal of this video is to help you prepare to the transition to the Canadian Assessment and Revenue Management system, also known as CARM.

By 2022, all businesses importing and exporting to Canada will be required to use this system when working with the CBSA. In order to prepare your business, you will need to complete three steps in the next few months.

First, you will need to register to the CARM Client Portal. Please note that in order to create your user account, you will require a key from the government of Canada.

Second, you will need to delegate authority to your customs broker, allowing them to perform important activities on your behalf.

Third, you will need to establish a security bond. Under the direct security bond mandate, importers must secure their commercial imports directly rather than using their service providers’ bond.

Please note that the transition to CARM should not be challenging. C.H. Robinson has the experts they need to help you navigate through these changes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any business requirements or specific needs. On that note, thank you for watching this video and have a great day.

What to expect during the transition to CARM

Get started with the Canadian Assessment and Revenue Management system (CARM) in three easy steps:

  • Set up your CARM Client Portal account
  • Delegate authority to your customs broker
  • Establish a direct security bond

Get individualized support for interfacing with the CBSA through CARM—register for an info session.