Supply Chain Sustainability is Smart Business

The expectation and desire to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is stronger than ever. That’s why we offer solutions to help you set and achieve your sustainability goals—whether in early or advanced stages of your carbon reduction journey.

Get started with Emissions IQ, an easy to use, self-serve technology built by and for supply chain experts. It will measure carbon emissions from shipments managed by C.H. Robinson across mode, date, location, and retailer; benchmark your data against previous years and against your industry; and identify areas of opportunity to take action and reduce emissions.

Go further with our consulting services. Trust our experts to analyze your freight transportation across all providers and develop strategies that optimize your global supply chain and achieve your sustainability goals. Sustainable supply chains are smart for business and the environment. Make measuring and reducing emissions easier by contacting your C.H. Robinson representative today.

Get started with Emissions IQ

By removing waste from your supply chain, you can increase efficiency, uncover cost savings opportunities, and decrease your carbon footprint. Emissions IQ® is here to help:

  • Measure carbon emissions from C.H. Robinson-managed shipments
  • Benchmark your data against previous years and against your industry
  • Identify areas of opportunity to improve processes and reduce emissions

Meet your sustainability goals with Emissions IQ.

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