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Your products sustain the world

Your fresh, frozen, temperature-sensitive, or processed foods and beverages need to get to your customers on time—while preserving their quality—because consumers around the world depend on them for nourishment every day.

Our perishable freight solutions mean we can arrange for the efficient transport, crossdock, and delivery of just about any dry, liquid, fresh, or frozen food or beverage out there. And with our fresh produce division, Robinson Fresh®, we bring fresh food to the table by engaging clients across their global supply and demand chain needs.

When food safety, profits, and your reputation are on the line, you need to act fast.

We know what it takes to ship
food and beverage.


Meet one of our food and beverage supply chain experts

With more than 30 years in the industry, Jim has broad product and supply chain expertise for consumer packaged goods and food customers across the globe. His understanding of our customers' brands paves the way for supply chain solutions that match their reputable presence.

Jim's breadth of experience for retail, wholesale, foodservice, and ecommerce businesses gives him a deep understanding of customer challenges like food safety, ensuring best in class product shelf life and speed to market.

What can an expert like Jim do for you?

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Why Use Freight Consolidation?

Pay for the space you use

Consolidating your food and beverage freight with that of other customers allows you to leverage C.H. Robinson's transportation network without sacrificing speed. Your shipments get where they need to go while you only pay for the space you use.