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Cross-Border Logistics

Streamline your cross-border shipping. Trust our transportation and customs expertise, built on over 100 years of experience operating in Canada and more than 30 years in Mexico, to get the job done right. We know what it takes to plan for the different traffic flows, regulations, and process nuances at various North American ports of entry.

  • Stay compliant with U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade regulations by working with leading experts who understand the intricacies involved.
  • Solve the inventory needs of your largest, most complex projects with access to over 1.5 million sq. ft. of warehouse space along North American borders.
  • Take the complexity out of cross-border shipping with multimodal solutions—including comprehensive crossdock and direct capacity options, paired with robust customs brokerage services to mitigate risks.
  • Choose a single provider with a flexible yet reliable carrier network across North America and the scale to tailor solutions for your business, ultimately removing complexity from your cross-border freight.
Global Solutions

North America Cross-Border Solutions

Considering a nearshoring or reshoring strategy? Choose the right provider for the job. C.H. Robinson not only offers one of the largest footprints in North America, but has reliable capacity, flexible transportation modes, and on the ground expertise to navigate regulations, meet higher demand, and navigate complexity at the border.

Connect with an expert

Secure the crossdock and direct truckload capacity you need in the regions you operate—no matter the market cycle—with one of the largest carrier networks in North America.

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Less than Truckload
Less than Truckload

Manage spend without sacrificing speed for your less than truckload (LTL) shipments. Get your products where they need to be with customized LTL and consolidation solutions for your north and southbound freight.

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Customs Brokerage
Customs Brokerage

Reduce uncertainty, manage compliance, and keep your freight moving smoothly in every direction. Our thousands of cross-border experts and 100+ licensed customs brokers know the local laws, regulations, language, and culture. We’re here to help remove customs barriers at the border and beyond.

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Trade Policy Consulting
Trade Policy Consulting

Ensure compliance with evolving free trade agreements and other trade regulations for your cross-border freight. Get help mitigating risks from Trusted Advisor® experts who understand your business—and what it takes to proactively solve compliance issues. 

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Intra-Canada Shipping
Intra-Canada Shipping

After crossing the border into Canada, use our in-country expertise to simplify your shipping experience. We aggregate Canada’s fragmented market into a single experience, so you can secure the reliable capacity you need.

Intra-Mexico Shipping
Intra-Mexico Shipping

Confidently ship goods in Mexico with access to safe and reliable contract carriers hauling into and within Mexico. Choose the right carrier for the job—including C-TPAT and OEA compliant contract carriers that can help mitigate risks involved in intra-Mexico shipping.


Access over 1.5 million sq. ft. of border warehouse space in key locations along U.S., Mexico, and Canadian ports of entry, including the busiest markets. Work with our local experts to navigate cross-border shipping regulations and compliance requirements to keep your deliveries moving on schedule.

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Intermodal Service
Intermodal Service

With direct access to every major railroad in North America, your cross-border strategy can benefit from the added efficiency and cost savings associated with this route neutral service.

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Ocean Shipping
Ocean Shipping

As one of the largest NVOCCs in the world, we have the ocean carrier relationships you need to keep goods in close proximity for your production process—with less hassle or delays. Best of all, you can bolster your nearshoring strategy by tailoring the movement of your goods.

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Air Freight
Air Freight

Stick to even the tightest schedule and meet the demands of your customers with access to our air freight scale and expertise. Our air services helps position your freight for a positive cross-border experience—get it where it needs to be quickly and reliably.

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Inland Drayage
Inland Drayage

Reduce ocean freight costs and keep your cross-border products moving. Drayage services can help improve handoffs between parties and deliver your freight on time. Align our solutions to your strategy for ultimate cross-border flexibility.

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Consulting services
Consulting services

Make smart, data-driven decisions for your business and unlock your supply chain’s full potential. Based on your current needs, we can help identify potential opportunities—like nearshoring or reshoring—our team can get you closer to your ideal state.

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Global Cross-Border Services
Global Cross-Border Services

Shipping freight across borders outside of North America? Not a problem. Rely on our global multimodal network and flexible capacity options to deliver the same level of service you’re accustomed to—no matter where you do business around the world.

What sets our border crossing services apart

Choose a top logistics provider in the regions you operate, take advantage of our scale, services, expertise, and technology to ship across North America effortlessly.

Our local, multilingual experts understand cross-border economics and freight flows, as well as the geography, USMCA regulations, and regional cycles that come into play when your shipments are moving. By analyzing distribution strategies, identifying optimal warehouse locations, and even redesigning your network to account for shifting needs, our design services go one step further than other consulting services, ensuring your cross-border business is as agile and efficient as it can be.

With offices in the most important cities, you always have local people you can rely on to help execute your supply chain. That deep knowledge base, combined with our global suite of services, flexible mix of transportation modes, and carrier network lays the groundwork for reliable service that will optimize your supply chain today and into the future.

C.H. Robinson in the news

Explore recent news articles and publications to see how C.H. Robinson is influencing cross-border shipping nationwide.

C.H. Robinson new facility in Laredo, Texas, has the capacity to handle as many as 350 shipments a day.

C.H. Robinson expands border footprint with major facility in Texas

Forklifts operate inside a C.H. Robinson cross dock facility in Laredo, Texas.

As cross-border trade explodes, C.H. Robinson grows footprint in Laredo

New 400,000-square-foot facility is in Laredo, now the largest commercial port of entry in the U.S.

C.H. Robinson builds new freight facility in Texas, reflecting Mexico's growing importance

Ariel view of freight crossing from Mexico to North American border

Understand the different shipping processes at the U.S.-Mexico border

Find out everything you need to know about shipping freight across the U.S.-Mexico border. This white paper makes it easy to compare your shipping options, evaluate your current cross-border shipping strategy, and adjust for optimal savings and efficiencies—whether traveling north or south across the border.

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Keep track of your cross-border loads

Use the PARS,-PAPS, and Aviso de Cruce trackers to stay up to date.