Less Than Truckload


It looks like LTL. But is it?

LTL is essential for transporting your smaller, more frequent shipments. But in the day-to-day bustle of getting things shipped, you might not have realized that not all of those small shipments are LTL. We bring all the options to the table—less than truckload, plus small parcel, truckload, expedited, and consolidation. Choosing the right one every time, and you have the ultimate advantage in price, service, and control.

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How one supply chain harnessed the best of LTL and truckload.


As we worked with a retailer to determine why stock outs were higher than normal in some cases but warehouse inventory was too high in others, we noticed something: 80% of products were delivered prepaid. That meant suppliers were arranging for transportation, delivering products when they wanted to, and billing the retailer—sometimes, at a profit.


We put a logistics expert onsite with the retailer’s team to develop and implement an inbound transportation program. The team met with hundreds of suppliers, changing delivery terms and leveraging inbound and outbound LTL and truckload freight volumes. Supported by our Navisphere® global technology, the company now has visibility to pending, complete, and shipped orders. They can measure suppliers for their adherence to compliance requirements to keep shelves stocked and maintain efficient inventory control.

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We see the whole supply chain.

Less than truckload is one of our customers’ favorite and most popular services. We speak the language of NMFC classifications, carriers’ rules tariffs, and discount schedules. But we bring more to your supply chain: deep knowledge of many transportation services, solutions to common problems and ideas to address the ones we haven’t seen before, and technology that connects you and your shipments to us and your other trading partners. Together, we can help you build a more efficient supply chain that can Accelerate Your Advantage®.

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