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We know paper and packaging.

White paper, containerboard, roll stock, recovered fiber, consumer packaging, and more.

Paper mills never shut down.
Neither do we.

As the market shifts, your transportation strategy and modes should adjust as well. We can help you evaluate your options—everything from drop trailer to intermodal—make the best decision for your business, and analyze the results for continuous improvement.

Whatever mode or strategy you choose, know that optimizing logistics across the country is a top priority for us. After all, service can make or break your relationship with customers.

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Meet one of our paper and packaging logistics experts

With more than 20 years at C.H. Robinson, Aaron has countless experiences that help him understand the industry. By regularly visiting his customer’s various facilities, Aaron can see firsthand the unique challenges each facility faces.

Recently, Aaron has helped his customer establish a drop trailer program, identified long-term modal conversions from railcar to truck and intermodal, and built processes to meet expectations for a new retailer relationship.

What can an expert like Aaron do for you?

What's trending in paper & packaging logistics?

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Take control of your inbound transportation

We firmly believe that supply chain excellence requires a strong inbound shipping strategy. Discover the intricacies involved and 10 ways to cut inbound costs.
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We're here to connect your global supply chain

Getting raw materials and finished products where they need to be, when they need to be there, isn't always straightforward—especially in a global environment. Together, we can create the solutions your business needs.

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Digitizing the recovered paper industry

By working together, C.H. Robinson and merQbiz—an online recovered paper marketplace—are making transportation costs more transparent and helping digitize the industry.