Leading Shippers Use These Truckload Supplier Strategies

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Compare your truckload strategy to industry Leaders

No doubt about it: a constantly evolving truckload environment makes it challenging to adapt. How do successful companies consistently manage to secure quality truckload service? Using data from TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, researchers at MIT might just have the answer.

By examining best practices of shippers, the research uncovered what separates Leaders from Laggards when it comes to getting better truckload rates and performance.

Researches used on-time pickup, on-time delivery, and first tender acceptance measurements to think about top-performing truckload freight. From there they calculated a perfect truckload shipment score.

Dig into the research and uncover:

  • How researchers identified Leaders vs. Laggards
  • Perfect truckload shipments and how they’re calculated
  • What four best practices Leaders follow that differentiate their business

Wrap up with three key takeaways you can use to implement stronger strategies for your supply chain.