Get Ready for a CBP Focused Assessment

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More companies are facing customs audits than ever. This white paper shows what increases your risk of undergoing a Focused Assessment and how to prepare your audit team to successfully face such an event.

Rather than wait until you’ve been selected for a CBP Focused Assessment, get serious about customs compliance now. From creating necessary procedures and augmenting current ones to improving your overall compliance program, taking proactive action now to boost compliance can help mitigate the risk of costly penalties later.

You can never fully anticipate everything involved in Focused Assessment; but understanding what’s expected of you can certainly help. Find out everything you need to know about potential audits:

  • Who is a likely target for Focused Assessments
  • How to prepare your company for a CBP review
  • What to do and how to act during a Focused Assessment
  • What needs to be done after the results of a Focused Assessment are in