Do Favored Shippers Really Receive Better Pricing and Service?

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Become a shipper of choice for improved freight pricing

It's long been said that favored shippers receive better freight pricing and freight service from their carriers but what tips the scale in favor of one over the other? Until now there had only been anecdotal evidence and some qualitative research to suggest that favored shippers benefit from better transportation pricing and service.

Using data from TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, and Iowa State University researchers, we sponsored a research project to study the attributes of “favored shippers”—the type that carriers prefer to haul freight for—and have discovered a strong link between transportation rates paid and excessive dwell time.

Discover the influencing factors on “favored shipper” status and the importance of the driver experience to uncover how you can set yourself apart from the competition and become a true shipper of choice.

In this paper, you’ll discover what Iowa State University researchers uncovered:

  • Common shipper characteristics cited as important to the freight procurement process—service and price
  • Two distinct models that showed how origin attributes impact favored status
  • Relationship between making carriers wait and paying more for shipping

From there, we deliver seven strategies to improve driver experiences, reduce dwell time, and potentially achieve “favored shipper” status.