What Is It Like to Work with C.H. Robinson?

[slide] How does working with C.H. Robinson improve your global supply chain?

Troy: It's helped us streamline our processes it's made us more efficient and more consistent with all the buyers that are involved with the with a different countries in the different manufacturers.

[slide] What do C.H. Robinson employees do to help improve your global shipping process?

Troy: Their reaction time is fantastic. Anytime we have questions or concerns, they instantly get back to typically within several minutes and are always very knowledgeable and very helpful.

[slide] Why would you reccomend C.H. Robinson?

Troy: They've helped us control our cost as well as make sure there were compliant with all of our processes.

What Is It Like to Work with C.H. Robinson?

Listen to the experiences of Troy Bunker, Director of Sourcing and Logistics at Larson Manufacturing.

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