TMC Moves Global Supply Chains

Are you looking to improve your Logistics performance? And gain the visibility needed to transform your supply chain into a competitive Advantage? For shippers throughout the world, the solution has been Managed TMS®, a global service delivered by TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, that combines Global TMS technology, Logistics Process Managemen, and Consulting Services.

[Ocean Spray Cranberries testimony] "About 10 years ago, we started looking at what can we do differently? How can we change this relationship? How can we take more control of our supply chain?"

[JLG, Oshkosh tetimony] "Overall, it needed to be online. it needed to be multifunctional for all the segments that are part of the Oshkosh Corporation."

[Ocean Spray Cranberries testimony] "We're not just looking at a small piece of our outbound business, we're looking at inbound, and we're looking at all the different pieces that go into our landed cost."

[IPC Subway testimonial] "There was opportunity to save in transportation, but still the shippers and manufacturers had control of all the freight. Really, TMC brought that visibility that allowed us to take control manage the freight and realize those savings."

[Ocean Spray Cranberries testimony] "They're giving us the tools, and it's a simple dashboard. We can get it on our iPhone, on the spot, in meetings, while we're talking to our suppliers or some of our vendors or even our carriers."

[JLG, Oshkosh tetimony] "For me, as a manager that's quite important. You see online, directly what's going on in your network. We also have now faster connection time between the different plans and the carrier. So this means you have less conversation with the carriers by phone."

[IPC Subway testimonial] "Technology is great, but it's always changing. The big differentiator is the people! TMC does a really good job of finding and training good supply chain talent, and they're doing the work as opposed to IPC having to do the training and keep up with all that industry knowledge and what's coming new in Technology."

[JLG, Oshkosh tetimony] "It's a good system for us, it's supports us and managing our freight. Not only from a European point of view, but from a worldwide point of view.">

[Ocean Spray Cranberries testimony] "We've been able to become a shipper of choice because of what TMC has provided for us, and they really helped us be able to prioritize and push through some of the things that otherwise Transportation probably struggle of being able to get in front of the larger audience."

[IPC Subway testimonial] "They are an integral part of our team! They are engaged with all levels of our supply chain, and they're really proactive it's all the issues."

[Ocean Spray Cranberries testimony] "When they speak people listen. We're not just by ourselves which is been really powerful, were able to tap into the larger group. What are you struggling with? What report to your running? What could we do differently? and TMC has given us access to that."

[JLG, Oshkosh tetimony] "We manage Arcadia base now in a different way than before. People that are dealing with transport activities are now focusing more on the things that they have to do, instead of just chasing carriers for confirmation or whatever data that is missing. It was a necessary tool that we needed to support or activities worldwide. And we probably will also get the benefits of new clients that hit the platform the future."

[IPC Subway testimonial] "I would definitely recommend TMC to somebody who wants to take control of their supply chain. To have the visibility to really make an impact on their business.

[Ocean Spray Cranberries testimony] "They're helping us evolve and becoming a much more sophisticated shipper."

Hear from TMC customers: Why they count on our global TMS technology

Manage your day-to-day shipping requirements through a single global technology platform – a global TMS solution.Your business will gain the shipment optimization, visibility, business intelligence, and global supply chain talent needed to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage.

In this video, we’ll cover the following insights:

  • Managed TMS includes global transportation management technology, logistics process management, and consulting services.
  • Carriers and manufacturers usually control the movement of all the freight behind closed doors. Our global TMS technology brings visibility to shippers, giving them the ability to leverage control.
  • Fostering faster connection times between plants and carriers results in less time spent back-and-forth on the phone.
  • A trained team of logistics experts can help take the burden of responsibility away from your organization so that you can focus on other aspects of your supply chain.

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