Save money and reduce manual processes with an integrated spot strategy

Traditionally, we use Spot to manage more exception shipments, during the last couple years is where that exception became more than norm. We were putting more shipments out on that Spot board just because our rates had gone stale, so fast that, that was our only option to get coverage. We took a swath of our overall business and implemented this real time rate quoting capability.

Then paired that up with a Market Rate IQ solution to not only get the real time rates, but again, have that comparison to the market in real time that we could evaluate. The real time rate quoting is almost an instantaneous, well, 100% acceptance model where, when we tendered to load that way, it was a fix it and forget it, eliminating some of that non-value added work.

We've been able to free up some bandwidth on the team. One of the surprise advantages of a model where we're getting more of a real time quote with that 100% acceptance backing it up. That was definitely a plus.

One of the key attributes of Market Rate IQ is, it's continuously measuring yourself against the market in the industry and we were specifically looking at that spot rate average on the lens that were in play here.

We were consistently beating that by 8% as a benchmark, which is in our sweet spot of where we're happy. CHR's API rating integration has made it very possible for Orbis to source transportation consistently during constrained capacity periods and do so at very market competitive rates.

We need to understand where we're spending our money. I'm not out looking for the absolute lowest cost provider to move our freight down the road, rather it's our intent to be very market savvy. I can get this capability at my fingertips.

The other is the additional pricing factors I think is really, really relevant. We talk about a down market and a constrained market when it tightens, when it loosens, but something we've talked about before is the fact that in any given cycle you've got those conditions on any given region or length you pair.

Even though you may say, we're in a loose market right now, there are pieces of that market that could be extremely tight. Being able to understand your market relevant pricing on those lanes is pretty important, even in a loose market.

We're not unlike anyone else in that over the last few years, labor constraints have been a big problem within our business and business growth has necessitated the need to pursue a more automated manner of doing things where possible.

We see the current future of real time logistics technology offerings as being extremely integral to our evolution and success at ORBIS.

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