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Flexible, efficient, integrated supply chain technology

To reduce global shipping costs, improve efficiency, gain visibility, navigate unexpected events, and solve complex problems, shippers need advanced technology and supply chain expertise.

Navisphere® is a proprietary, global TMS technology platform that provides a virtual network, connecting people, customers and service providers across all regions they do business, enabling improved processes, greater visibility to shipments and comprehensive business intelligence.

Learn how Navisphere leverages over 100,000 supply chain companies to provide one of the largest transportation networks in the world. The advanced security protects your data, integrates seamlessly with your ERP systems, and scales easily to match business growth.

In this video, you’ll hear about one shipper that slashed their air freight shipping costs by 85 percent, and another that shortened their 56-day order cycle to 20 days or less.

Learn more about streamlining your daily operations and easily accessing supply chain experts when you need them.