Focus on Your Core Business Activities with Contract Logistics

Your global supply chain is about more than moving goods from one place to another. That’s where our Contract Logistics services come in. Simplify your trade in the Asia Pacific region across all industries globally, so you can focus on what is important to your business.

Gain end-to-end logistics and supply chain management and achieve operational excellence and cost-efficiency through our custom-designed integrated solutions. Receive guidance on customs declaration, inspections, and quarantine requirements (CIQ).

Take control of your stock levels. Certified and licensed warehouses, fulfillment centers and crossdock spaces strategically located across Asia.

Flexible storage solutions, consolidation, pick and pack, and crossdock capabilities. Cut costs, minimise errors, and always know where your freight is.

Ambient and temperature-controlled spaces available for your bonded and non-bonded goods. Real time visibility on your inventory at every step of the journey.

Tailor solutions to your specific business needs: kitting, barcode scanning, repackaging, labeling, assembly, shelf life management, return handling. Serving you with tailored solutions across key industries beyond just warehousing and shipping products: food and beverage, manufacturing, chemicals, automotive, high-tech & electronics, fashion & retail, ecommerce.

Transportation management system (TMS), warehouse management system (WMS). Get real-time information to optimise traceability and profitability all while seamlessly connecting with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), reporting and logistics systems.

Optimise your supply chain with customised Contract Logistics solutions today.

Looking to simplify global trade?

Choose an end-to-end logistics management solution. We’ll take on your distribution and warehousing functions, supply chain management, and support services so you can minimize capital investment in non-core areas—and boost your bottom line.

Take control with contract logistics: The perfect combination of warehousing, inventory management, and value-added services. Using your custom-designed solution, you can achieve operational excellence and cost-efficiency—in any industry.

See the options and value-added-services—from kitting and repacking to barcode scanning, assembly, and more—available through our contract logistics solution.