Supply Chain Solutions Creating Growth Opportunities for Suppliers

Fresh suppliers face many challenges in today’s marketplace. Consumer demands, expanding delivery requirements, and supply chain disruptions are just some of these challenges.

C.H. Robinson and Robinson Fresh help suppliers bring their products to retail locations across the US through the largest temperature controlled network in North America.

Current customer Agbotic needed to establish supply chain logistics in new markets to expand sales opportunities.

Our team worked with Agbotic to identify and implement the services needed to extend their product distribution into 25 US states.

CHR has allowed us to really understand logistically how to get the products into the hands of consumers from Chicago Illinois down to Daytona Florida. We have had an exciting learning experience with CH to really understand what it takes to have quality products delivered on time, in full and the team has given us that partnership that we’ve been looking for from a replenishment fulfillment perspective- forecasting orders into big box retail that helps us deliver on their expectations has been a blessing

As retailers continue to increase on time and in full delivery standards. Meeting these standards means suppliers must excel at forecasting and inventory management to ensure products are available for retailers’ shelves.

We work with 70 of the top 75 U.S. retailers, with the data, tech and experience needed to accurately replenish inventories and increase delivery performance, allowing shippers to take advantage of new sales opportunities.

Robinson has certainly given us visibility into those fulfillments by working with us on forecasting and projection and what should we expect in the next 90 day with a specific retailer so having that support has been extremely helpful, it’s helped us learn the industry more than we expected in this period of time so we’re genuinely appreciated of this partnership. We’re delivering on some pretty serious volume commitments in 25 states and continuing to grow and the support that CH has shown us has allowed us to feel more confident in our deliverables.

C.H. Robinson and Robinson Fresh are uniquely positioned in the logistics and produce industries. Our solutions are developed to address your challenges.

Let us help streamline your fresh logistics so you can focus on growing…and growing your business.

Agbotic builds farm automation and greenhouse technology promoting organic farming. Their mission is to build a strategic and responsible farm future with roots and robots. Agbotic’s brand – Good Healthy was being sold in a very limited market, but Agbotic wanted to expand their brand reach to new markets across the U.S.

Our experts worked with Agbotic to develop supply chains for new markets from New York to Florida. These new supply channels enabled sales opportunities and established baseline logistics for future growth. With supply chain logistics in place, Agbotic was able to sell to large retailers around their intended geographies.