How To Improve Your Carrier Advantage Program Status


The Carrier Advantage Program (CAP) gives you more control than ever over your status and the benefits you earn. In order to get access to the best freight and the best payment terms, contract carriers must meet tracking success and on-time performance requirements.

Ready to boost your status? Here are three ways to help you increase your status and reap the rewards:

1. Know your status

Stay up-to-date on your monthly CAP status. By paying close attention to your status, you’ll know what opportunities you have to improve. Whether it’s tracking success or on-time performance issues, knowing your score on each load and status for the month will help you raise your performance for the next. To help keep you “in the know” on the 2nd business day of each month you’ll be sent your current status via email. You can also access your status anytime in the CAP dashboard within Navisphere® Carrier. The dashboard will give you insight into where your status is trending for next month based on your performance.

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2. Automate Updates

Achieving tracking success expectations is one of the key ways to improve your status and gain access to the best rewards. C.H. Robinson contract carriers are expected to provide digital track and trace updates at the following time frames throughout the life of a load.

  • Proactive notifications (pick-up and delivery): 4 hours and 2 hours before appointment close
  • In-transit notifications: Every 4 hours in transit
  • Arrival notifications: 30 minutes after arrival; 30 minutes after departure

There’s several ways you can automate updates to meet expectations—you choose the connection that’s right for you. To get set up for tracking automation, visit our tracking page and get started.

Set-up tracking

Tip: check if your loads are tracking. Your CAP status is impacted by a combination of loads with tracking success and on-time performance within a calendar month. Checking your loads often to ensure automated tracking is set up can help quickly identify what may be impacting your score so you can correct it.

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3. Be on-time

On-time performance also contributes to your CAP status. To be on-time, you must arrive at all stops within 30 minutes of the scheduled appointment time stated in your rate confirmation. You can easily view your stop-level details in the “My Loads” page in Navisphere Carrier.

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Have questions on how to improve your status? We’re here to help.

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Carriers have the option to opt out of tracking at any time, but this will impact their CAP status. Protecting the privacy of everyone in your business—from dispatchers to drivers—is important to us. For more information on what data we collect and how we use the information we collect, please see the C.H. Robinson Global Privacy Notice.