Top 3 Benefits of Unifying Your Freight and Customs Brokerage Strategies with a Single Provider

    Overcoming the complexities of domestic, cross-border, and international shipping requires a strategic approach that optimizes efficiency while minimizing costs. One effective solution lies in consolidating freight transportation and customs brokerage under the management of a single third party logistics provider (3PL).

    By trusting one entity to manage both aspects of your supply chain, you can unlock a wide range of benefits and move one step closer to seamless shipping operations. Empower your business to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of cross-border trade.

    Discover the transformative benefits of a unified strategy

    When freight and customs brokerage are handled by one provider, you can streamline workflows, eliminate redundancies, minimize administrative burdens, and lower the risk of errors. Not to mention, the flow of information between freight forwarding and customs clearance is seamless. By eliminating bottlenecks, processing times accelerate for smoother, more efficient border crossings.

    Collaborating with a single provider eliminates the worry of coordinating across service providers. Instead, you gain a dedicated point of contact with established communication channels for consistent, timely updates and fast resolution to potential issues. Best of all, this unified approach fosters transparent and efficient supply chain management, so you can stay focused on core competencies.

    Consolidating services to one 3PL not only streamlines administrative processes, but you can also leverage the economies of scale. With higher volumes of freight to work with, your provider can better negotiate competitive rates on your behalf and deliver more accurate forecasting—for more precise bids in the future.

    Other ways to maximize your bottom line can be achieved by capitalizing on newfound efficiencies. For example, with a single provider, you can avoid paying documentation handover fees. Many shippers aren’t even aware they pay these costs regularly, but in fact can be charged handover fees by both the freight forwarder and the customs broker.

    Above all, collaborating with consistent experts to implement best practices can help avoid common mistakes and their associated penalties.

    Things to look for in a freight and customs provider

    Supply chain solutions from a single provider reduces the need for multiple providers while still meeting all your logistics and technology needs today and in the future. Ensure any provider you consider offers multimodal services in the regions of the world where you do business—from domestic truckload to specialized air freight. For truly seamless shipping, your 3PL should be able to oversee everything from simple shipments to your most complex freight needs.

    When it comes to navigating the intricacies of customs regulations, you may not have the necessary expertise available in house. A dedicated provider possesses in-depth knowledge of customs regulations, documentation, and trade compliance across different countries and regions. With their guidance, you can maximize your shipments compliance with necessary regulations, and minimize the risk of delays, penalties, and compliance-related issues.

    Advanced technology platforms, such as Navisphere®, deliver real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, so you are always up to date about where your freight is. Transparency and traceability throughout the shipping process means you can proactively address potential disruptions, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions to optimize your supply chain operations.

    Successfully navigate trade at all levels

    In today's interconnected global economy, managing complex logistics solutions and navigating region- and industry-specific regulations are essential for successful shipping. Entrusting your freight transportation and customs brokerage to a single third party logistics provider is a smart strategy—for a more seamless experience.

    Connect with our experts to see how working with one provider for all your transportation and customs brokerage needs can impact your business.


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