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Supply chain technology solutions for easy data integration

As data takes center stage, the right supply chain connectivity is essential. To maintain a competitive supply chain, you need access to the most accurate, comprehensive information available as quickly as possible. Gain the data connectivity and supply chain automation capabilities you’ve been looking for with C.H. Robinson. Best of all, as an industry leader, our connectivity options quickly integrate with your existing systems.

Connecting the supply chains of the world

C.H. Robinson has the supply chain connectivity and messaging options you need; and the expertise to help you determine the right fit. Whether it be API, EDI, XML or Flat Files, trust our IT experts to work closely with your developers so all system integration processes are as straightforward and effortless as possible.

Benefits of connectivity integration with C.H. Robinson

  • Reduced manual processes through automation
  • Easy access to accurate shipping information
  • Multiple integration options—both standard and self-service 
  • Predictive opportunities based on your data
  • Real-time shipping and operational insights
  • Global scale and reliability, 24/7

Why connect your supply chain to C.H. Robinson?

Many organizations wonder which method of supply chain connectivity they should pursue. And the differences between electronic data interchange (EDI) and application programming interface (API) are not always clear. Essentially, both EDI and API are communication functions that make it easy to transfer information from your system to ours.

We have the supply chain connectivity and messaging options you need—and the expertise to help you determine the right fit for your needs. Whichever connection type or messaging format you choose—EDI, API, XML, or flat files—it will mean more automation, fewer manual processes, and easier access to accurate information.

supply chain connectivity order life cycle

Customer connectivity

From the beginning of your shipment to the very end, we have connectivity functions for every step of the journey.

  • Rating Retrieve freight cost quotes for shipments using market competitive rates
  • Quote to order Create shipment orders based on quotes from our Rating API
  • Orders Create shipment orders in Navisphere®
  • Events Retrieve shipment statuses
  • Documents Retrieve shipping documents
  • Financials Retrieve invoices

Carrier connectivity

Carrier connecitivy is also critically important at C.H. Robinson, and we offer a variety of connection options to find the best fit.

  • Post trucks List trucks available for loads
  • Search loads Find available loads to match your equipment
  • Load tender Review load offered to your organization
  • Tender accept/reject Respond to offer of load by accepting or rejecting
  • Pro getter Retrieve PRO number
  • Missed pickup Identify loads missed at pickup
  • Shipment status Provide shipment status, location, and appointment updates
  • ELD visibility Provide shipment status and location through ELD
  • Documents Upload and view load documents
  • Invoice Submit invoices for payment

Software C.H. Robinson connects with

C.H. Robinson is systems agnostic. We have an unprecedented number of connections with leading transportation management systems (TMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems so we can meet you in whatever system you use. Connect with one of our experts to learn more.