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Chemical & Plastic Logistics

Deliver chemical shipments safely and efficiently with our combination of chemical shipping expertise, single global technology platform, and unmatched capacity and visibility.

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Recognize the science behind seamless chemical shipments

Overcome the inherent risks involved in shipping chemical and plastic products. From special handling options for corrosive or overdimensional items to rigorous processes for products that face tough compliance regulations, we have your chemical and plastic shipments covered.

Whether you ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials, safety and service are the highest priority. Trust ChemSolutions®, our dedicated chemical logistics team, to find the specialized equipment and qualified carriers you need to help minimize hazards throughout your chemical supply chain. Apply their deep expertise in your business to create a chemical supply chain that supports your health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) initiatives.

What sets our chemical and plastic logistics services apart

Carrier validation

Maintain quality service through carrier validation and monitoring. We validate insurance, perform periodic site audits, and review Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores.

Reliable delivery

Secure liquid bulk, temperature controlled, or dry van capacity when you need it. From a single transportation challenge to a complete outsource option, we can scale quickly to meet your changing needs.

End-to-end visibility

Know where your freight is with Navisphere® technology and Managed TMS® services. Real-time visibility to shipments helps mitigate risk of contamination, spoilage, combustion, and other emergencies.

Responsible Care® at every step

ChemSolutions is a Responsible Care® Partner of the American Chemistry Council’s global initiative

Operating in 67 countries, partners work to make the industry safer for employees and communities

1.89M+ chemical and plastic shipments delivered safely each year

Chemical and plastic logistics services for every segment

Move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to shipping with tailored services as diverse as your chemical and plastic shipments. Shipping processes for corrosives and acids vary widely from those for plastic pellets and tires. Trust our ChemSolutions team to know the difference.

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Chemicals, coatings, and detergents

Face your toughest regulatory challenges and maintain safety through real-time visibility across your supply chain. When you know where your chemical, coating, and detergent shipments are and where they’re going to be, you can better manage costs and efficiencies around the globe.

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Personal care

Overcome the immense pressures to deliver personal care products on time through effective, sustainable supply chains. Leverage our technology and capacity options to optimize shipments worldwide—from sourcing raw materials through consolidation, manufacturing, and final delivery.

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Rubber and plastics

Drive efficiency into your supply chain to meet the demands of the fast-paced industries you serve. Whether you support the automotive, appliance, or packaging industries, leverage our information advantage for insights into your data and predictive tools to help increase savings, reliability, and visibility.

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Leverage our team of dedicated chemical and plastic experts

Meet the most stringent health and safety initiatives for your chemical shipments with help from ChemSolutions’ Responsible Care® coordinators. Trust our experts to help proactively navigate the changing transportation marketplace and implement tailored, market-leading shipping solutions based on the needs of your business and your products.

Apply our experience in the chemical and plastic industry to deliver safely, responsibly, and sustainably. Our experts act as an extension of your team and understand your HSSE goals, delivering deep expertise in your business and industry.

What can our chemicals and plastics experts do for you?

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Success story: Honeywell


A North America plant wasn’t meeting performance numbers and Honeywell faced increased costs, insufficient lead times, and low customer service levels because of delayed shipments.


Leveraging TMC, the managed services division of C.H. Robinson, Honeywell identified and addressed the root causes of ongoing supply chain issues. By looking holistically at their supply chain planning and order management processes, Honeywell’s team gained more time to plan and make strategic, data-informed decisions.


Through standardized processes and planning, Honeywell now maintains a constant state of control—even during surges in volume or other disruptions. With TMC’s help, the company centralized delivery creation, optimized order and mode management, synchronized shipping guidelines and lead time, improved data accuracy, increased collaboration, and improved carrier relationships.

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White Paper: New Ideas to Strengthen the Chemical Supply Chain

Successfully meet customer requirements at high speeds and low costs with a chemical supply chain that proactively responds to risks and disruptions.

Responsible Care® is a registered trademark of Chemical Manufacturers Association, Inc.