Supply Chain Connectivity
How Connecting Your TMS Saves Time and Money

In your personal life, you can use a variety of devices to make purchases—from your phone to your smart TV, it’s all possible within whatever device you’re using. Now you can obtain transportation services where you already operate as well. In fact, today you can procure freight rates from your transportation providers right in your TMS. (more…)

Trucks at fuel station
3 Ways Carriers Can Manage Rising Fuel Charges

Over the last two years, fuel prices have increased 72% per gallon. That increase can add anywhere from $165 (500 load miles) to $660 (2,000 load miles) in cost per trip. While oil prices are particularly difficult to predict, there are ways to mitigate the impact of these rising fuel charges. (more…)

More Women Are Needed in Supply Chain

Today, only 10% of U.S. truck drivers are women. That means there is a significant opportunity to alleviate some of the pressure the chronic driver shortage continues to create by attracting and retaining more women across the supply chain. (more…)

What is a TMS, and How Can Businesses Profit from It?

A TMS, or transportation management system, is a digital platform that streamlines shipping processes by providing visibility into all transportation activities on one online interface. A TMS automates processes a shipper currently has in place. It also provides insights into new ways that the shipper can save time and money on future shipments. Such insights include transportation planning and execution, business intelligence, freight payment, and disaster recovery. 

In this post, we’ll look at the major functions of a TMS, the benefits of these systems, the challenges companies face when they lack a TMS, and the factors to consider when choosing a TMS for your business.


Taking Supply Chain Visibility to the Next Level with IoT

Today’s consumers are very particular about their supply chain experience. They want to know how their order is progressing through every stage of the journey in a global and dynamic environment. Speed, flexibility, and consistency are not only expectations but demands, which make supply chain execution and visibility vital to delivering a positive customer experience. 

In a survey from Voxware, 69% of respondents said they are less likely to shop with a retailer if an item is not delivered within two days of the date promised. Additionally, 97% of consumers expect to be able to live track their orders and receive timely updates throughout the shipping process. These numbers demonstrate the necessity of having real-time supply chain visibility and predictability, and conversely, the impact of not having it. 


Supply Chain Trends for 2022: Answers to Your Top Questions

Making the most out of today’s challenging supply chain trends requires a deep understanding of the market and timely information that helps you achieve a competitive advantage. In our first Market Insights Live! event of 2022, my colleagues, Christina Carroll, vice president of LTL, Alan Rowlett, director of global operations and strategy, and I set out to offer exactly that. (more…)

Tight trucking capacity
Two less-obvious reasons why trucking capacity has remained so tight

A note from Steve Raetz, C.H. Robinson director of research and market intelligence: C.H. Robinson’s relationships with research firms and universities, combined with our data from the largest network in the freight industry, help our customers stay on top of the trends that are influencing their supply chains. So we invited Jason Miller, associate professor of supply chain management at Michigan State University, to offer his perspective on the current state of trucking capacity. (more…)

People Plus Technology: Maximize the Value of Your TMS Investment

Have you heard about companies investing a lot of money, time, and resources to implement a transportation management system (TMS), only to have to shelve the system later because the ongoing savings or efficiencies weren’t meeting expectations?  (more…)

Year of the Supply Chain

In 2021, for the first time in all of my years working in this industry, the global supply chain was at the forefront of virtually every conversation.  Whether it was the impact of port delays, truck driver shortages or the shortage of chips impacting manufacturing, our industry was top of mind across the board and intersected with every part of our lives. (more…)

How to Prepare for Global Logistics in 2022

2021 was a difficult year in global logistics due to ongoing volatility. We worked alongside customers navigating the Suez Canal block, hurricanes and cyclones, port and terminal closures due to COVID-19 outbreaks, customs and trade changes, labor shortages and more.

I’ve been in the industry since 1997 and I have never seen this level of continual disruption across the entire supply chain for this length of time. However, with this year’s volatility, I was also given a front-row seat to a new level of hyper collaboration –  including individuals going out of their way to help each other, more strategy sessions between shippers and forwarders, and continually leaning into historical data and current market insights to find smarter solutions. (more…)

Save on your spot freight
Spot freight shipping: What is market rate and how can you achieve it?

As the transportation market continues to be undersupplied, many freight shippers are delving deeper into their route guides and going to the spot market to gain tender acceptance. Shippers often ask me how I think of the spot market rate and whether their market rate is the same as others are getting.

Watch my video to learn more about the elusive market rate, key points in considering how your prices stack up against the market benchmark, and how you can change the patterns of your spot freight to influence your pricing relative to the market. (more…)

In a Turbulent Freight Shipping Market, our Experts Answer your 7 Top Questions

In the final Market Insights Live! webinar of 2021, my colleagues and I provided analysis on today’s leading freight shipping topics, including the potential impact of the U.S. infrastructure bill, the status of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), continued congestion at the ports, and ways to prepare for the year to come. (more…)

LCL: A Shipping Solution for Today’s Global Logistics Market

Less-than-container load (LCL) shipping has become part of the solution design to many supply chain challenges. LCL shipping provides shippers with cost and time savings as they face longer wait times at ports along with more last-minute-change needs, based on disruption and delays.

In a recent global survey conducted by our team, shippers reported congestion and capacity as their main pain points in today’s ocean environment. While we have seen a continuous increase in shippers turning to LCL shipping to battle those challenges, almost a quarter of the participants in the survey noted they were not regularly shipping LCL today. (more…)

Honoring Our 2021 Carrier of the Year Award Winners

Every year, we recognize a handful of our 73,000 contract carriers with our Carrier of the Year Awards. And every year, we have the opportunity to highlight all they do. Because this is an exclusive award, we select our winners based on a list of criteria including their ability to consistently deliver on time and in full for customers, their adoption of carrier technology to drive efficiencies for themselves and shippers, and their effort to go above and beyond to successfully support shippers’ needs. We also listen to our carrier reps, who tell us how our work with these carriers makes the lives of our shippers and truck drivers easier too.


How to Cut Costs and Move Your Freight More Efficiently Across Europe

In a fast-moving world which has been shaken by a global pandemic, ongoing geopolitical challenges, and an untold capacity shortage, shippers are trying hard to stay on top of the game keeping their supply chains moving without sacrificing on their delivery promises. Even more so when they’re trying to ship smaller quantities at a higher frequency to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands. (more…)

Market Insights Vlog: Strategies for Shipping in Mexico

If you participate in shipping in Mexico at all, you know that many recent factors are affecting both cross-border and intra-Mexico shipping. These influencers include—but are not limited to—capacity imbalances, border congestion, and new regulations from the new political administration. (more…)